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What To Avoid When Searching For A Tanzania Safari Tour Guide

By Claudine Hodges

It has been made overly clear just what traits to look for in a good expert. You need one that is not only reliable but also accountable and useful. However, you also need to know which qualities to avoid when looking for such a professional to work for you. There are certain qualities that the ideal Tanzania safari tour guide should possess. The following traits should be top on the to avoid list:

The first step you want to take is to advertise for the job in mind. The trick is here is to be as specific about the task at hand as possible. Research if you need to on which professional would best fit the task then advertise for that specific profession. When applications come in, do not take any that does not fit right into the specifications.

Because of the internet, it is very easy for people to forge documents using the names and logos of different institutions. You should therefore be very careful when selecting your candidate of choice. Run whatever background test you can on the candidates and validate that the papers they present are real. If one has given forged documents, keep off your list no matter how well they seem to answer the questions or how professional they seem to carry themselves. Dishonesty at the entry level is a sure sign of dishonesty all through.

This done, now run an interview on each to see their experience and how well they understand the concept of what is expected of them. Use examples relative to your task to see how well they can handle the job. However, do not clearly state that the examples you are using are related to your task. You only use your task as an example since you understand it clearly and can therefore tell if they know what they are talking about. This will also give you a clear idea of how their mind works depending on how they answer the questions.

No matter how urgent your project may be, you surely have to make time to check the criminal record of the person you want to hire. If any has one, try and avoid them. If not, at least ensure that the charge is not major or happened in their teens and they have proof that they are different people now. If this is not the case, then completely avoid such candidates.

Experience also comes to pay when determining who to select for your project. It is general knowledge that the more one knows about something the easier it is for them to handle it. When looking for an expert then, you are safer working with one who has vast or at least previous experience working on a similar project. This gives you the assurance that even when unexpected circumstances arise, this professional will find easy solutions.

The one habit that you should not tolerate at any level is drug and alcohol abuse. It is very easy to pick up on such a habit as their mannerisms during the interview will show. This is why it is important to check their medical records since such a case will be clearly shown. Having a drug and alcohol abuser on board will put your project in jeopardy as you never know if they will show up for work or if they will spend money meant for supplies on their habit of choice. It is simply safer you avoid such.

Finally, take your last candidates on the site and get a feel of who they are at work. See how much of the project they are able to pick up on by simply being at the site. This should then make you able to choose which one is the best professional for your project.

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