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The Best Options For Those Planning To Kayak Nashville

By Leslie Ball

The waterways of Nashville are a popular attraction of the city and many locals and visitors look to spend time on them. One of the best ways to do this is to kayak Nashville and there are many organizations offering the chance to enjoy this pastime. This provides plenty of options for those seeking to have some fun on the lakes and rivers around the city.

The public parks around the city are the responsibility of Metro Parks, with this government organization offering a variety of services. This includes teaching basic kayaking skills and the 2 hour lessons are open to anyone. They are held in an indoor swimming center and those taking part learn about paddling techniques, how to roll, and how to make turns.

Metro Parks arranges kayak trips on the rivers and creeks around Nashville and does so in two ways. The first is public day events, where a guide will escort those taking part on a journey along one of the public waterways. The second is aimed at groups of friends, family, school kids, or business colleagues. It is possible to have up to 20 people involved in these trips and Metro Parks can arrange them to take in the routes and sights that a group wants to see.

Nashville Shores is one of the biggest aquatic theme parks near the city and this offers plenty of ways to have some water fun. This includes the option of hiring a canoe for those that want to get out on the lake. There is plenty of space to just take in the views on a relaxing paddle. The alternative is to head for Kayak Cove and try the water obstacle course.

The Harpeth River is one of the more popular locations in the area for those that want to go kayaking. This is reflected by the number of operators offering river trips and this includes Canoe Music City and Foggy Bottom Canoe. The Harpeth is considered a Class 1 river, which means it is easily navigable and has few obstacles. This makes it ideal for all levels of boating skill, from beginners to those with more experience.

Its location on the northern outskirts of the city makes Marrowbone Lake easily accessible for anyone in Nashville looking to enjoy water activities. This includes boating, with a ramp in place to ensure that putting a kayak in the water is straightforward. The lake offers 60 acres to explore and is well stocked with bass, sunfish and other species to make it a great place for fishing from a kayak.

Montgomery Bell State Park is situated around 30 miles to the west of Nashville and there are three lakes within its borders. The park offers paddle boat rentals on Lake Acorn during the summer months for those that want to get out on the water. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own kayaks and canoes, with the park charging a small fee to launch from the boat ramps that provide access to the lakes.

Paddle boat owners should not find it too difficult to set sail on the waters around the city. There are a number of dedicated launch ramps available, with Metro Parks being in charge of many of these. A database of them is available on the organization's website and this documents safe entry points to major rivers such as the Cumberland and Harpeth, as well as minor creeks that include the Mill and Whites.

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