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Cyprus: your ideal location to merge work and play

By Pete Polin

Come and visit Cyprus, for work as well as play

If you're looking for a new place to do business, there are few better countries to do so than Cyprus. While it may be small, it manages to combine a welcoming environment for business with an atmosphere unique to the region. Whether you're looking for a place to open up a new branch of your company or trying to source somewhere to hold meetings and conferences, this beautiful Mediterranean island will satisfy your every requirement.

A place for work as well as play

With hotel conference facilities that are regarded amongst some of the finest Europe has to offer, it's a fact that people from around the world choose Cyprus as a destination to do business. Imagine combining work and pleasure by conducting your meetings and seminars in the luxury of a beach hotel; Cyprus offers you the chance to do so in beautiful locations staffed by professional people who are there to help you. No matter what you require, from a private room where you can meet with your top bosses, to a large facility that can handle a few hundred delegates, you can guarantee you'll be satisfied.

Many people who have come to Cyprus for business see the appeal of setting up a permanent branch of their office on the island. Businesses in the UK are particularly welcomed thanks to the close links between the two countries that go back through the years. Perhaps you'd like to get involved in areas like ICT development, financial services or even the tourist industry; everything you need and more to get started is available to you.

An island that welcomes all newcomers

Thousands of people travel to Cyprus everyday from all over Europe, Asia and Africa thanks to its prime Mediterranean location. While many come to conduct business, even more are there to enjoy themselves - but they will all agree that there aren't many places that are more alluring. The local economy remains strong and businesses there thrive; your company can do the same too.

For any company that is thinking about moving into Europe and further afield, Cyprus is the perfect choice to set up a new branch. The ease with which you can launch your business there is increased thanks to the existing relationship with the UK, so why not find out more today? You'll soon discover that it's the ideal destination for both work and play.

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