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Cyprus - an area for authentic food fans

By Kourtney Feldker

Cyprus - a place for true food lovers

When travelling around Cyprus, restaurants, tavernas and posh hotels seem to be around nearly every corner - and all of them are worth sampling for the amazing range of local and international cuisine that they offer. As you'd expect, there will always be plenty of fresh fish and seafood around thanks to being surrounded by the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea - what you find on your plate was probably still swimming around just hours before. There's also a huge variety of fresh produce delivered to the local markets every morning by hard-working farmers who have only one aim; to make their food the very best it can be.

Take your time and enjoy the experience

These local providers allow Cyprus to essentially be fairly self-sufficient and you'll soon find out that very little food is imported from other countries. Markets bustle each morning to the sound of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish being bought and sold as the island's best chefs look for something special with which they can create a masterpiece to be savoured. All meals should be approached slowly (the local term is siga siga) as you appreciate not only the food in front of you, but also the company of those you're sharing the experience with.

To really get a taste for the cuisine, it's highly recommended that you try out the Cypriot meze. This is a combination of many dishes that offers diners a little bit of everythingand it really does encompass everything. There's a huge variety of things for you to try out, from calamari taken straight from the grill and served with a sharp dash of lemon, or juicy kofte meatballs drenched in spicy sauces that will make your mouth water.

Local food, locally sourced

Don't forget to also try out the gorgeous cheeses that are all produced locally too, including thick chunks of halloumi that are served grilled and drizzled with olive oil and feta. Perhaps you'll fall for dolmades; these grapevine leaves are stuffed to bursting with minced lamb, rice and a selection of herbs and spices that are indescribably appetising. Just run your finger down the huge list of dishes you'll find at any taverna or restaurant and you'll discover a plethora of new things to discover and experiment with.

There are so many places to eat that you'll never be lacking in choice but for a truly unique experience, it's a great idea to book a table in a restaurant attached to one of the island's boutique hotels. Not only can you guarantee amazing food, you'll also know that the service you receive will be second to none, and your surroundings will be breathtaking. This kind of dining will be more expensive than the local restaurants, but well worth it for a romantic meal or the last night of your holiday.

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