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Things To Avoid During Bear Viewing

By Claudine Hodges

Bears are considered as social animals which has evolved with intelligence compare to other animals. Usually, they share security, friendship and resources. Bears are not that dangerous just like what media or Hollywood has told their audience. Usually, they exhibit predictable behaviors. These traits are beneficial to every individual who comes across with any bear.

They are usually found in cold continents. That is why, Viewing these animals has become a popular recreational activity in different national parks. However, there are things that should be considered and certain things to avoid during Juneau bear viewing. Actually, there are different species of bears present in different parts of the world.

Mostly, bears are curious, intelligent and considered as dangerous animals. However, if you respect them and have understood their behavior, you can also encounter them without any harm. Bear viewing is actually not a harmful recreational activity, when done carefully. You just have to focus on the guidelines, with the help of your tour guides, since they know these animals well more than you do. They can also handle any situations that may occur.

If you have encountered a bear, you should not make any action. You should not run or shout as you can. Doing these actions will only encourage them to do something unto you. If they are not approaching you, you have to walk back careful and avoid any noises. You should not give them food. Keep your belongings with you. Although you can use your telephoto lenses, but you should avoid stalking them in a close distance.

You also have to stay with your group or on the roadway. Avoid attracting them with loud noises and food. You should also be neutral when you are in the environment. Actually, bears typically flee or hide away when they see people. But, in most popular spots, bears learn that people are not big problems. Hence, they also keep on visiting the spot year after year.

Cubs also wait for some cues from their parents. It means that if people behave responsibly, the generations of these animals will also return to the same spots year after year for bear viewing opportunities. There are also some of them that are tolerant than the others, but every one of them has their own personal space once they feel threatened.

Therefore, you need to reduce the disturbance to their own habitats. People should respect their personal space and make sure that they will also experience a predictable human behavior. Select a particular viewing spot near them and let them come to you.

Overall, avoid surprising those animals at close distance. Avoid making plenty of noises. You also have to avoid crowding them, and attracting with improper handling of garbage or food. You also have to plan head, stay calm, identify yourself and do not run. In most cases, these animals are not a threat. But, they also deserve your attention and respect.

When you travel in a bear country, you should enjoy this opportunity to see great animals in a natural habitat. Usually, the female bears are fierce defenders of their little ones. Hence, getting closer with them is a serious mistake, since they may respond aggressively who comes nearer to them, especially to her cubs.

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