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Things To Remember During Whale Watching

By Claudine Hodges

Any event needs preparation. And while watching whales is not that big of an event, the need to have a quality time while you do it is a must. After all, it is what relaxation is all about. You should not dread the idea of preparing. In fact, you can make it a fun activity in itself.

When preparing, the first thing that you should take note is your need. This could mean your budget for the activity and the number of people you plan to bring with you. Location will also matter. Juneau Alaska whale watching for instance has been known to be a hotspot when it comes to this activity. You should know your options. To help you with this, we have listed the things that you should remember.

First, consider the location. Not all seas and ocean are frequently visited by whales. There are some areas that are best known for the activity and some which are not. Be sure to do prior research as to the best location to ensure that you will see what you come for.

Second, pack up some foods. This could range from snacks to lunch or picnic type of foods. Your choice of foods to pack should be dependent on the time of your watching. If it is early morning, then a pack of snacks will do. If you expect to watch until late afternoon, then perhaps a packed lunch is a great choice.

Three, is the weather condition. There are mobile apps at present that tells you about the condition of a certain area. Another option would be news forecast which you can now access online. A rough weather might be your preference for adventure but if the weather is not really that good, administrators of the whale watching service might not allow you to go out.

Fourth, are your gadgets. In the digital age where photos are more captivating than text, getting good shots will matter a lot especially for your social media account updates. Do not forget to carry with you your cameras and smartphones. If you come in groups, it will be good if each of you brings his own. This way, you will have more options.

Five, dress for the occasion. Knowing the weather is one. Getting the right clothing considering the weather is another thing. If the weather is fine, you may want to wear something light and comfortable. If it is windy, then a spare sweater might be good. Also, bring sunscreens to make sure you protect your skin from too much heat.

Six, be open minded. This activity is unlike going to a marine park. In here, you have lesser guarantee of seeing actual whales swimming beside your boat or yacht. Some operators will give you a hundred percent guarantee. Still, it helps if you are open minded to the possibility of not getting what you expect.

Gear up for a great experience with these wonderful sea creatures. Get the best of what you deserve by preparing in advance. Make a checklist and be sure you got everything covered.

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