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Essential Facts On Valet Parking Services Troy

By Olivia Cross

There are important factors that ought to be taken into close consideration while trying to decide whether to seek the services of valet parking companies. Location is a significant factor to consider. It is in areas with limited parking and that are inconvenient and busy that having such services is convenient. Through valet parking services Troy dwellers make the right choice concerning location.

Valet services are ideal for wedding ceremonies that are likely to face harsh weather conditions. When this happens, the wedding organizer becomes less worried of unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, the guests of the ceremony will acknowledge that the wedding organizers went beyond their ways to ensure their comfort. One ought to note that such services can be sought even if the weather looks quite favorable because nothing is as unpredictable as weather condition.

Fives star hotels and restaurants are supposed to have these services. The customers that visit such places always expect to get the convenience of having their cars parked for them. Opening such businesses with no parking services will have a negative effect on growth. Valet parking services give businesses a professional and polished look. Issues of liability are the most crucial that this business comes with. It will be important to get the right cover for the liability.

The right policies will address different areas. General liability covers injury to persons or their property caused by the valet attendants. These will include among others direct injuries that are caused by drivers that hit pedestrians. Garage keepers liability will cover any damage to a vehicle that is parked and is under the care of the firm offering the services. It will include vehicle theft or collisions for vehicles under their custody.

It will be required that insurance packages are available for employees who attain injuries while at work. The workers compensation policy takes care of this. It should be noted that this insurance package takes care of wages that could be lost when injury victims are hospitalized. However, the rates for taking care of the injuries or damages caused depend on the type of the business.

Certain circumstances may occur that will not be the responsibility of the company or property of the owner. In the event that the car was properly parked and locked and then it gets vandalized, the liability will not be on the company. In such a case, the damages will be covered by the personal automobile insurance. Further, the company will not take responsibility for damages that relate to bad weather. These include damages caused by sandstorms, floods and hail. This is of course unless the firm promised to offer covered parking and the car was parked in the open.

Firms are not held accountable for personal property lost in the cars. As such, car owners are advised to carry with them valuable goods once they leave their cars. Despite this requirement, company personnel and drivers are also educated on ethics and are asked to take good care of property belonging to clients.

An attorney needs to be hired in order to come up with the company policy. Additionally, safety standards ought to be developed. In order to avert avoidable accidents, drivers need to be screened and vetted before they are hired to work for the company. All these ensure that quality of services is upheld.

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