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Shaver Lake Camping Packages Have Really Taken Off

By Beryl Dalton

Shaver Lake camping grounds are much bigger than what they appear to be. Those that have already been there suggest that taking a bicycle as well as a map could be a good idea. It is a very relaxing and well kept and clean place to spend a few well earned days. The personnel are friendly and try to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay.

The majority of the water is used to supply the hydroelectric plants where they provide power to Los Angeles. The Big Creek Project generates close to four billion kilowatt hours per year and it also helps with the irrigation and flood controls for the large and flat valleys. These can stretch about four hundred and fifty miles wide. The river system has a nickname of "the hardest working water in the world" as there is a vertical drop of just less than two thousand meters.

The town which was formerly named Musick Creek does not have many occupants. In 2010 it was estimated that only about six hundred and thirty four people lived there. In the beginning the lake was made to operate as a mill pond and it was forty two miles long. The original town was later destroyed as that land was used to make the lake larger.

There was once a railroad that operated and was a standard gauge track. It is estimated that sixty percent of all lines around the world are made from this gauge. Its main purpose was to move wood that had been cut down to sawmills and lumber yards. It was eventually abandoned in 1927 after been in use for thirty six years.

Fresno County was first discovered by the Spaniards and in 1846 became a part of the United States of America. This was because of the Mexican War as a result of a border dispute between Mexico and Texas. There were more than seven different battles but the most well known one was The Alamo. The American Army won many and in 1848 it ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico then sold off more than half of their land to the United States.

In the beginnings of this town there were many fires and floods which caused enormous damage. In later years oil was discovered in the western part which created an economic boom. It was the largest field of oil in California and is now the eighth largest in the state.

The diehard hikers actually make this distance in a single trip. It does however take considerable planning as well as dedication to complete it. It is thought that out of the three hundred that begin this trail yearly only about one hundred and eighty actually complete it. A certain amount of miles need to be completed each day so as to ensure they do not get trapped by the snow. There are many little towns that they will pass through where they are able to restock their supplies.

At the camping grounds, there is a tents only area where one can either be on the water front or inland. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash at all times. There is also a clean bathhouse with coin operated showers, which you can also make use of.

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