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Get Out On The Water For A Spot Of Table Rock State Park Bass Fishing

By Olivia Cross

Located around a 10 to 15 minute drive from Hollister, MO, Table Rock State Park is an ideal place to enjoy some outdoor fun in Missouri. A dam in the area holds back a large man-made lake and this is a popular spot for water activities. This includes Table Rock State Park bass fishing, with this activity drawing many people to visit.

Private watercraft are allowed on the lake and can be launched at no cost using one of the boat ramps around the park. Those that want to leave their vessel in place on the water can do so at the State Park Marina. This modern facility boasts in excess of 600 boat slips that can accommodate a variety of boat sizes. These are available for yearly hire and ensure a boat is ready and available when needed.

The marina on the lake offers boat rental as part of its services to visitors. The minimum hire time is a couple of hours and this extends through to full day rental. The Bass Boat is the ideal choice, as this vessel is designed around the needs of fishermen. However, it can carry no more than four and larger groups would need to consider one of the bigger rental models. These include pontoons that can accommodate 12 and tritoons that have capacity for 14.

The perimeter of Table Rock Lake runs to some seven hundred miles and this means there is plenty of space to cast a line from the shore. This can be done around the clock, with day and night fishing possible in most locations. The once exception to this is the day-use spot, with this area of the lake operating only from 6 a. M. To 10 p. M.

Browsing the website of the Missouri Department of Conservation is a smart move for anglers prior to making a visit. It offers a variety of information on fishing conditions and the species that are most abundant in the lake. While white bass are present in the water, black bass species such as smallmouth and largemouth tend to be more common.

Anglers should make themselves aware of the guidelines for bass fishing, with the Department of Conservation providing details of these. Their website can be consulted to find information on the size of bass that can be kept and the daily catch limit. They also offer practical information for fishing the lake, which can increase the chances of success if taken on board.

A permit is a legal requirement for fishing in Missouri and those visiting the park to do so should make sure they have one. There are a few types available, which run from a single day to a lifetime permit. The Department of Conservation is the authority to look to for buying one, which can be done online, by phone, or at their offices. However, it is also possible to find permits for sale at select locations in the vicinity of the park.

The marina at Table Rock Lake has a store that caters to fishermen needing supplies before they get out on the lake. This includes basic angling gear, such as bait, tackle, and other accessories. Layout plans of the lake are also available and maps that show the best fishing spots. Other items that may be of use include boat accessories and clothing.

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