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Finding Great Deals Find Good St Thomas Transportation Service

By Beryl Dalton

St. Thomas is a popular vacation Island in the Caribbean. Every year, thousands of tourists flock there to enjoy the sun and activities that are offered. Many travel by cruise ship and then disembark to enjoy various onshore excursions. If you are sightseeing there, you should know that the terrain is not suitable for walking long distances. So you will have to find a St Thomas transportation service to get around. Also, you should not hitch-hike. It is best to explore the island using motored transportation.

The island was first colonized by the Dutch, who established a post there in 1657. They conquered the island and by 1672 they controlled the entire island with the Danish West India Company. The Island was divided into plantations. There was also slave auctions there. In 1917, the Island was purchased by the U. S. Government for twenty five million dollars. The residents were granted U. S. Citizenship in 1927.

Tourism became more popular after World War Two. Travelling by air from the U. S. Was rather cheap, especially since Americans could not travel to Cuba. This made St. Thomas more attractive. In recent years, new hotels have been built there and thousands of tourists come every year.

There are many ways to get around the Island. You can travel in an open-air truck called the safari cab which is covered and has bench seats. These cabs usually operate between the cruise-ship terminals and the downtown area, which are high-traffic areas. They normally charge passengers one dollar per ride. This is the cheapest way to get around the island.

There are also many taxis there which are fairly reliable. You can find taxis at the airport, the cruise ship docks, and many resorts. They can also be found at popular attraction spots and the beaches. The taxis there have no meters. Instead, they charge a fee per person, depending on your destination.

There are more than fifty shops and boutiques in the downtown area. This includes a large mall, a tasting bar and a post office. There are also banks with access to ATM machines and a pharmacy in the area. You can easily access the downtown area by bus.

There are also special taxis that run dollar rides, known as the safari buses. These are basically trucks made with benches for sitting. They are covered but they are also in the open air. Not all safari buses offer dollar rides, some are just regular taxis. It can be difficult to know the difference, because they do not always advertise with signs. However, most of them do travel the same routes as the regular buses and taxis. You should always ask the driver what his fares are where he is heading before boarding. Also ask to make sure they are going the route you want to go.

Do not be afraid to try something new while on your trip. If you have never driven a car in a foreign country, do not be afraid a rent a car in St. Thomas. But you must remember, they drive on the left. If you have never been on a motorcycle, do not be afraid to take a motorcycle tour. You may surprise yourself and enjoy yourself more with the added freedom.

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