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How To Run A Successful Bed And Breakfast Allentown PA Business

By Olivia Cross

The world is embracing international businesses now more than ever. This has led to an increased number of visitors within Allentown, PA. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to invest in bed and breakfast Allentown pa business. This is because these people from all over the world will need a place to stay till they are done with their mission.

Your employees must have a culture of keeping time especially when they work in shifts. Before the night team leaves, they should ensure that all the utensils that were used over the night have been cleaned. The morning team will come in and prepare the morning meal for the guests. If any of the guests has a special food request, the kitchen staff should beware of it.

Some of the guests will be spending many days at your premises. It is your responsibility to clean his room everyday especially when he leaves for his meetings. However, none of your employees should pick a guests item. This will inconvenience the visitor and he will lose trust in you.

The tables should be wiped and arranged in an appealing style. The menus should be placed on the table so that the customers can refer to it. If they have any questions, there needs to be someone ready to answer them. The waiters and stewards need to be there to clean any mess that may occur. These readiness to serve the guest will make him feel at home and free to come for your services again and again.

When you go to a new place, you are able to learn things at a glance. The customer can look at the way you serve a guest and he walks away without saying a thing. Therefore, all clients must be treated equally despite the amount of money they are paying you. The same person who pays a small amount can show up next time and seek the most expensive services.

The staff that you bring on board should have served in the hospitality industry. They should know how to arrange the room and put towels where they are visible. The rooms should have enough soap, air freshener and any other supplies. The guest should not lack anything essential. Provide extension numbers that the customer can use to reach the reception in case he wants service.

From time to time during the day, you must check the rooms and see if everything is in place. The attendants must report when the supplies run out. They should communicate with the procurement department and order for more items that they feel will give the customer satisfaction.

Above all the duties, customer care should be a priority. Treat your customer well so that the next time he comes to the city, he will come to seek your services again. Your employees must be taught on how to receive and handle the guests.

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