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Finding The Best Montana Hunting Lodges

By Freida Michael

Montana is a paradise for big game hunters offering millions of acres of state and federal land to explore. Outdoor enthusiasts have access to prime hunting grounds, whether they are looking for elk, goats, mule deer, bears, whitetail deer, or mountain lions. Hunters can enhance their experience by making reservations at one of the many Montana hunting lodges doing business in the state.

The western region is popular with hunters who enjoy traversing rugged terrain and braving the remote wilderness. Hunts in the Flathead National Forest area are physically demanding and challenging for outdoorsmen of all skill levels. Hunters can rely on experienced guides to provide helpful information about the game living there.

Hunts may be conducted on private or public land and which the hunter chooses is a matter of personal preference. Hunts on private land are generally less challenging because the animals are confined to a particular area. Hunters who want more of a challenge can opt for a free chase hunt on public land. This type of hunt carries no guarantee that the hunter will even see the desired game let alone get a good shot at it. This is where a qualified guide can be the most helpful.

Hunting lodges offer a wide range of experiences to suit any interest, schedule, and budget size. Rates vary widely depending on the services available, location, and time of year. Hunters can choose from ranches that offer rustic accommodations or lavish resorts with luxurious rooms and all the amenities you would find in any upscale hotel.

Individuals who want a wilderness adventure can choose overnight guided tours. Hunters will travel by horseback or on foot during the day and camp out in tents after dark. Meals are cooked outdoors over an open fire. This is a great option for those who do not have a problem roughing it.

For a more refined experience, hunters can choose a luxury ranch with comfortable guest rooms, king-size beds, well-stocked bars, and wireless Internet. These ranches offer all-inclusive packages with meals prepared by chefs and served in an elegant dining room. Some lodges have game rooms, fitness centers, media rooms, and more.

Some ranches offer cabins as rooms. This offers private accommodations in rustic but well-appointed rooms complete with kitchens for guests who want to cook. Guests may also choose to eat meals in the lodge or use the common areas to socialize with others.

Guests have access to other benefits at the hunting lodge. Many will offer guests a sighting range where they can work on their aim before the hunt. Others may provide corrals for those hunters who travel with their own horses.

Non-hunters are welcome at many family-friendly lodges. These properties offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, sledding, skiing, and fishing. Some even have daycare centers in case mom and dad want to enjoy a hunt together.

Hunting lodges in Montana offer convenient and affordable ways for hunters of all skill levels to enhance their next outdoor adventure. Accommodations are available at all price levels. Experienced outfitters can provide everything necessary to ensure any hunt is a successful one.

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