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How To Choose The Right Kayaking Tours For You

By April Briggs

As people become more interested in the environment, so too does their interest in getting out and experiencing nature. One excellent way of doing this is by taking one of the many kayaking tours that are available. There are many variables to consider when looking at these tours. Here is what every tour guide wants you to know so that you can pick the right one for you.

The first thing to do is learn exactly what these boats are and what their advantages are. They are extremely buoyant and are designed so that they can navigate rapids as well as the calm waters of lakes and slow moving rivers. Paddlers use a special paddle that has a blade on each end of a central shaft. It can be used to propel the boat through the water and alter its course so it can be steered in the precise direction the paddler wants it to go.

A tour by kayak will usually entail paddling for a set distance per day. You may move from campsite to campsite. There are tours geared to different experience levels with more challenging conditions generally being left for more experienced paddlers. Beginning kayakers may want to look for shorter tours that take place over calm water.

You may also want to consider how physically fit you are. If you do not exercise on a regular basis or are a beginning paddler, you may want to look for a shorter trip where you are not expected to cover as much distance each day. Paddling can be hard work and you do not want to end up hurting yourself by taking a tour that is too strenuous.

If you are traveling somewhere on vacation, you may want to look and see if they have tours available. For example, many coastal areas will have sea tours that can be a great way to see marine mammals like whales or dolphins. Others may allow to you explore cave systems or other areas along waterways from a unique perspective.

You need to decide whether you want to use your own boat or if you want to rent one. If you are traveling, you may find it much easier not to pack your own kayak. You should never assume that equipment will be included. If it is not mentioned in the tour description it can be worthwhile to talk to the tour company before booking your excursion.

You may also be surprised to learn that the needed kit list may extend beyond the boat itself. For example, some will involve camping rather than staying in a hotel or cabin. A touring company may not have the equipment that you would need while you are participating in your tour. You may be able to rent some but you need to make arrangements for this before you show up for the tour itself. You may also want to make sure that this includes any food that you will eat while on the tour itself.

Tour guides love taking paddlers on these excursions. What can make the entire experience much more fun and enjoyable is to do your research, be honest with yourself about what you are capable of handling, and to make sure you are properly equipped for the conditions you will encounter.

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