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Guidelines On Training For Kilimanjaro

By Freida Michael

One of the most exciting but challenging activity for adventurous people is mountain climbing. This is one of those ultimate activities that push one to his limits. Only when one is mentally and physically fit can he complete this challenge successfully. Among the mountains famous among climbers include; Everest, Fuji, Mount Table and Kilimanjaro among other numerous mounts. In this article, persons will learn on the guidelines on training for Kilimanjaro.

There is no one person who has ever gone for mountain climbing without being mentally and physically fit. Without proper preparation for this, it can be hopeless. A person cannot even reach anywhere above the foot of the mountain. Even for individuals who are perceived as being fit, they can take 1or 2 months training for this activity. For persons who do not do physical activities, their preparation can take even 6 months.

Importance of building mental stamina cannot be over emphasized. There are a lot of scenarios when the strongest men have been unable to finish a mountain climb because their mind could not go on. This is because throughout the climb, the many challenges encountered concerning the terrain, weather and their bodies just led to their mind shutting down.

Onto physical training, there are 3 important exercises that one must get into; Aerobics, strengthening exercises and hiking practices. As the name suggests, Aerobic exercises engages body to use oxygen to provide energy during the exercise. Examples of such activities include swimming, long distance running, jogging, walking and cycling. These activities are light to fair and will help an individual build his/her cardiovascular system, which during the climb, will enable a person use limited oxygen efficiently.

As for activities that boost muscle strength in the body, they are numerous depending on which part of the body being targeted. If it is upper and middle area, the muscles here include upper back muscles and those around the stomach. Suitable activities for them include; back and shoulder flies, kettle bell swings, sit ups, shoulder presses among others.

When it comes to strengthening leg muscles, aerobics, squats, lunges, front and reverse curls among other exercises as advised by the trainer will come in handy. One ought to have an experienced personal trainer to understand these exercises and do them correctly. Onto hiking, one must do it as a preparation for the main activity.

These practices must challenge a person. He should therefore choose an easy terrain or track that he can accomplish easily. The terrain should be a difficult one and when one overcomes it, the difficulty level should be increased. Lastly is the issue of building mental strength as one is getting ready for the climb. Activities done in this stage aim at pushing a person to the limit and at that time is when reach to his reserves to overcome the challenge.

Another activity to boost the mental state of a person is a marathon/long distance running. This a person must ensure to put on his list of things to accomplish before setting for the climb at Kilimanjaro. To conclude, one ought to achieve his greatest physical and mental state in order to complete this task.

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