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Simple Etiquette When Cruising In Yacht Charter

By Freida Michael

Going for a cruise trip means you will have to deal with boat crews as politely as you can. Even if they are the ones who are on the serving side, you have to do your part and give them the due respect they deserve. When it comes to the crewed yacht charter Oxnard, here are common etiquette you should pay close attention to.

First, you must greet the crew. They are the ones who will be serving you when you are in the cruise. It would be to your advantage to ask for their permission first before you actually board the cruiser. You must let them know that you have the desire to board. This is actually a polite thing you have to do when you are cruising.

When wearing shoes, avoid stepping on the deck with them on. As much as possible, you should board on the cruiser barefoot or with socks on. If you must wear footwear, you have to wear slippers or smoother footwear. Doing that allows you to avoid putting a hole into the deck or damaging the deck.

Before you depart from the docks, you will be briefed by the captain and the crew about some safety rules you have to remember. The pre-departure safety briefing can give you tips on how you can handle various situation when at sea. Be sure to follow the rules given during the briefing since that is what can keep you comfortable.

Once you board, there are basic systems that you will be taught about. The systems can include the electrical outlets, lights, toilets, waters and showers, and the likes. If you know of this beforehand, then you should have no problems in using them when on the cruise. You can avoid disturbing the crew when on cruise.

Chartering with children should be okay. However, you will be the one to take care of them. Do not ever treat the crew as your child's babysitter since this is not a part of the crew's job description. You must leave the crew members to their job. Even if they cannot take care of your child, they should still be child-friendly.

The saloon and the main living area are all community space. That is why it is important to keep an eye on you personal items while in there. Also, personal items like towels, hats, clothing, sunglasses, and toiletries should be kept in the cabin. If you go on the deck, you can bring them with you but put them in a small day pack.

For the cruise, rely on the rules set by the captain. You need the captain to decide if it is okay to go ahead with the cruise or if there are reasons why it should be otherwise. When the weather is bad or when time constraints prevent the compliance to schedule, the captain will suggest to not go ahead with the cruise. This is for people's safety.

It should be okay to dine ashore. The broker or the crew can arrange this for you. If you are planning to dine ashore, do not forget to treat the captain and the crew as well. Even if this is an optional thing to do, know that they will really appreciate this sweet gesture.

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