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Find The Perfect Namibia Luxury Safari

By Catherine Jones

The adventure of an African safari is the dream of many travelers. There are many options to consider. Africa is a huge continent with many countries, each offering a unique experience. There are people who see themselves standing by in amazement as they watch wild animals run free, but do not see themselves camping in rugged country to have this vision. Now you can have the wilderness and luxury in the same package with a Namibia luxury safari.

One luxury safari will fly you to four destinations in Namibia, each very different from the other. You are about to experience something that has no comparison. Your first stop is the capital of Namibia, the city of Windhoek. Your first night in Namibia will be at a Relais and Chateaux property, the Hotel Heinizburg. The sixteen guest rooms are in a castle of German architecture. Even this architecture, although not African will be new to your eyes. With just about every luxury you could imagine, this is an exceptionally beautiful start to your adventure.

The next destination is the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. In a word this is unbelievable. Guests look out to see towering sand dunes that are beautifully colored terracotta. The color of the sand and the vast expanse of dunes are breathe taking. This extremely dry ecosystem seems unable to sustain life. In fact, life is only visible in flat pans of sand called vleis. Two days will be spent at the Lodge and surrounding Namib Desert.

Then you will travel by air to Damaraland and stay the Mowani Mountain Camp in the Twfelfontein Conservancy. There are fourteen luxurious huts grouped closely like an African village. The activities are varied. They offer elephant nature drives where guests see these enormous animals in their natural environment. Or you can go hot air ballooning to get a birds eye view of the landscape.

Your final stop before flying back to where you started, is the Etosha National Park. Your choices for lodging are the Mushara Collection, an expansive lodge with separate villas, or the Onguma Game Reserve. This destination offers a wealth of opportunities to view wildlife in its natural habitat. The sight of forty zebras roaming around and drinking from a watering hole has a miraculous feeling.

After Etosha you will travel by air back to Windhoek, where you get a return flight to your home. This describes the itinerary of only one safari. There are many more from which to choose, each offering a different experience. This particular travel package is over 5,000 thousand dollars for each person. Luxury comes at a steep price, but these unspoiled landscapes are well worth the cost.

Spend a lot of time researching the websites, which are elaborately designed and filled with information. Each trip has its own itinerary, so you can understand what is coming up next. Whichever you choose, you will know this is the trip of a lifetime.

For visitors who have been to Africa there are no words to describe the newness of landscapes, animals and architecture that your eyes are about to see. Like a young child sees life, you will experience many things for the first time. Prepare to be inspired.

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