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Monkey Watching In Borneo

By Jonny Blair

If you visit Sabah in Malaysia in Borneo, it's probable that you will have heard of these proboscis monkeys. Wild, long nosed monkeys who live in the jungles of Borneo. They are only found in Borneo so this is a rare and unique chance to see them. The only other place they exist is in a zoo.

Organising the watching of these monkeys in Borneo can be easier than you expect.

You can find companies offering these tours in Kota Kinabalu. I have met tons of so called "budget backpackers" over the years who insist that booking through tour companies is always dearer - it's often not and your best way to see the proboscis monkeys is to book it through a company. But make sure they include hostel pick up, food, proboscis monkey boat tour and fireflies boat tour. It's easy to organise - find a company, agree a price and get your tickets.

How much does watching Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo cost?

If you just want to see the monkeys then you will probably be able to get it for around 60 Ringitts (or less if you have your own transport). However we booked a tour which included other things. Our entire tour cost 150 Ringitts for a 7 hour trip. This includes almost everything.

How do you get to Klias Wetlands Park for watching Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo?

Normally mini-bus presents the best way to do it. The bus collects you and is a perfect option for everybody as you go together to the park. This makes it easy to organise and everything runs smoothly for the travelling tourist.

It is an easy enough trip and the price is included. It is a fantastic thing to organise and everyone raves about it. Getting out there is also a beautiful trip as you venture through the jungles of rural Borneo - the Malaysian part.

As well as the crazy styled Proboscis monkeys, you can see all sort of other monkeys. If you even cross the border into Indonesian Borneo, you can see the orange coloured Orang-Utans in their natural habitat. The monkey tours in Borneo remain a highlight for many travellers and backpackers.

You arrive at Klias Wetlands Park and have you afternoon tea (this includes buffet food). Then you put on your lifejackets and board the boat. Your guide on the boat will alert you when the proboscis monkeys are viewable but you ail more than likely see them yourself. You will also see crocodiles. The boat tour will last around an hour and just before it gets dark you will be taken to a riverside restaurant for a buffet dinner. That's really all there is to it!

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