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Grand Canyon Helicopters: Special Valentine's Day Holiday Tours (Feb. 14)

By Paulette Neary

Want to do something fun and unique for Valentine's Day? A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon would be a fantastic idea. These scenic flights combine romance and adventure, and you can take one that leaves from Vegas or one that leaves from Arizona near the South Rim.

Vegas Tours

Vegas is already a special place to be, but you can make it even better with a helicopter tour. There are plenty of options available from the city, including air-only and landing flights.

Because it's Valentine's, I recommend the extra special bottom landing tour. This flight will take you inside the Canyon, where you can enjoy a Champagne picnic and even a boat ride on the Colorado River. You could even go to the top of the Canyon to experience the Skywalk.

The Skywalk is a thrilling adventure of its own. It is a huge bridge made of glass that juts beyond the edge of the rim, and you can walk out on it and stand 4000 feet above the Canyon floor and marvel at the fantastic view.

South Rim Helicopter Tours

The South Rim is fun to visit too, but it usually isn't as busy as the West Rim. If you're looking for a quiet, intimate experience at the Canyon, then going to the South Rim is the ideal choice. The South Rim begins at Tusayan in Arizona. You can drive to Tusayan if you'll be staying in Arizona, and you can fly there if you'll be staying in Vegas.

The South Rim has two tours available. The first tour last 30 minutes and flies to the North Rim and then circles back. However, there is a longer tour that is even better. The longer flight covers the same ground as the shorter tour and adds on all the land over to the eastern border. You'll get 50 minutes of air time, and during that time, you'll see around 75 percent of the entire park lands.

Upgrade to Deluxe

You get to choose from a basic or deluxe tour. The basic tours include a minibus shuttle service from your hotel. However, if you want to please your Valentine, then upgrading to a deluxe tour is worth it.

Deluxe tours use newer EcoStar 130 helicopters. These helicopters provide for a smoother flight, they have larger cabins, and they have deluxe stadium style seats. The best feature is the gigantic 180-degree windscreen, which gives you a complete panoramic view of the Canyon.

The deluxe tour provides complimentary transportation too, but you get to ride in a limo rather than a shuttle bus. That's quite suitable for a romantic Valentine's Day outing.

Book Your Flight In Advance

Tours from Las Vegas and Arizona are incredibly popular, so you will need to book soon. Book around two weeks ahead of the date that you want to fly, and book online, using your credit card. Booking online is not only convenient, but it will lock in your tickets and ensure that there's no disappointment on the day. Online deals are also discounted, because there are no additional fees from booking agents.

Last Thoughts

There are few things that are more romantic than seeing one of the most beautiful spots on earth, from a helicopter, a riverboat, or an impressive platform like the Grand Canyon Skywalk. With a number of options to choose from, Grand Canyon sightseeing can also suit your budget.

So do something different and exciting this year for Valentine's Day. Buy your seats online and lock in your reservation by paying with your credit card, and you'll be set to spend the day with your loved one at one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. A helicopter tour is the perfect way to say 'I love you' on Valentine's Day.

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