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How To Visit A Retreat Northern California

By Raymond Brooks

One of the best places to find quiet and solitude is a retreat northern California. In fact, some of the best retreats in the world are located in the hills and valleys of central and northern portions of the state. As a result, residents and visitors often frequent these establishments on a regular basis.

While some retreats are based in religion, others are secular. Due to the number of Utopians, Zen masters, Swamis and Monks whom have purchased land over the last several decades, most have some spiritual aspect or element. In cases of religion or spiritual centers, most often these are in more secluded areas providing solace to those looking to escape the modern world.

When visiting, whether clothed or sky-clad, the silent stillness is often the first thing a visitor notices. In areas prone to wildlife, visitors can often hear a variety of natural sounds including animal cries and sounds as well as the roar of raging waterfalls, rivers and streams. With this area being home the well known California Redwoods national and state parks, trees often tower overhead whether walking or driving through the area.

One retreat located in Marin county offers some of the most pristine land to explore including a small forest. At this location, Douglas firs and redwoods soar overhead. When driving in these areas, it is always essential to look for bear, deer, mountain lions and other wildlife. Whether for the beauty of the beast or avoiding an accident, it is often best to stay alert and aware on all roads, service roads and trails when visiting the area.

At this retreat, visitors will find over two thousand acres of pristine land and trails. Natural resources are also abundant with rivers and streams flowing through the area. Park Reyes National Seashore and the infamous Golden Gate Bridge are only a short drive from the center which also offers overnight lodging.

There are also other areas individuals can stay to create a personal retreat. One of these is at the local Point Reyes National Seashore Youth Hostel, another is to camp out alongside the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes simply getting a way for a camp out for a night or two can provide the same solace as expensive or in-expensive lodging at a center.

Whether sacred or secular, these retreats offer the public a more exalted awareness and state of being that is quieter and purer than everyday life. While some centers charge a nominal fee, others do not. There are also those which offer overnight camping or lodging and meals for which there is often a charge, even at those which do not require an entry fee.

Most residents in the area, including a co-founder of a local religious sect whom owns property in the area agree that the retreat is a good idea. Otherwise, the acreage and land would have most likely been sold off and subdivided years ago during the real estate boom. Still, there are others who believe the land would have made a better state or national park. Whatever the case, retreat or park, it remains some of the most beautiful and pristine acreage in the state.

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