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Do And Donts Of How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Janine Hughes

There is nothing beautiful as watching your kids play water games. As parents we know playtime is an essential for a young kids development. Children are very fond of playing in water and come up with a host of games that encompass the same. For parents their safety is foremost and that is why we take time to learn how to clean a wetsuit.

No matter the season children are never distracted from their marine games. As a parent it is your duty to ensure that your kid is protected from some of the dangers of swimming. Chief among them are sickness such as fever, coughs or cold. The wetsuits are the perfect answer to deter the occurrence of this unpleasantness.

The location of storage must be a cool area that receives minimum sunlight. Another thing to inspect is the material should not come into contact with Hot water. If the contact is made the material begins to lose the flexibility it has. Ensure when you are taking a warm shower to take the gear off. This may disrupt your bathing experience but sometimes caution is better than leisure. Who knows you may find out that showering without a swimsuit is a better experience.

The trunk of your car is the wrong place to place your gear after a swimming session. It does you no good to have it cooked especially after a hot day. The best option for you is to have it with you at the front of the car.

The cleaning of the suit and its repair go hand in hand. This can be done using simple house items such as soap detergents, water and alcohol. Cleaning is essential as it works to remove the dust and sand particles that are present in the suit. Take the soap detergent and mix it in the water so as to make it foam. Apply the foam gently over the wetsuit to remove the dirt. Upon finishing follow it up with alcohol and hang it up for it to get to dry.

To repair the wetsuit you require neoprene cement. This is a unique material that has many uses. It will be used to cover up the torn part by patching it up. The cement is available in many surfing outlets around you. You can also order them from online trading sites. It is also advisable for you to purchase the repair kits for the wetsuits.

A proper way to hang them is across the waist. Do not make the mistake of placing it in the drawers where it will be wrinkled. By reading the instructions on the buyer manual you can learn the different ways on storage of material. If you do not have the manual then you can read it on the tags.

A suit can also suffer damage when it has been used for long periods of time without maintenance. While it is true that many of the ones intended for children are durable at some point they end up wearing out. If these occurs it is much better you buy new ones. It is crystal clear that cleanness is secondly Godliness.

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