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The Value Of Good Horse Racing Trainers

By Kristen Baird

Some parts of the country are famous for producing many great race horses. One place that springs to mind is Kentucky. With all the wonderful grassland and mild climate it is the perfect place to breed and train these amazing creatures. There are literally hundreds of barns dotted throughout the state that produce many thousands of foals each year. Optimistic owners spend a lot of money to keep an animal in training and get it to the track.

Most race horses are Thoroughbreds. This means they can trace their lineage back many generations and horse racing trainers know which blood lines to look for. Horses are like people, they pass on their physical and emotional qualities to their offspring. Animals with a great blood line command the highest prices. Most race horses are sold at auction as yearlings or two year old's.

In many parts of the country horses race in trotting or pacing contests. These animals are trained to maintain their gait whilst pulling a light weight cart controlled by a jockey. It takes a lot of skill to prevent an exuberant animal from breaking its pace and cantering. In addition the jockey must know exactly where to place himself in order to make a run for the finish line.

In the tight knit world of race horses reputation is everything. A good trainer will have plenty of people saying positive things about them. Their clients will be loyal and only to happy to give them a glowing reference. It is a good idea to talk with a number of people to ensure that there is consistency in the reports.

After doing their homework properly a new owner should have a good idea about who they want to train their horses. They can then set up a meeting at the stable. This will give them an opportunity to see all the facilities. Most places now have an all weather gallop which means that horses can keep training no matter what the weather.

Choosing a trainer does require a lot of homework. The first step is to look for those that have a good consistent winning record. Most people then like to make an appointment to go over and tour the stables. It is nice to get a first hand look at the facilities on offer and learn how the trainer operates. Each one will have their own particular style and eccentricities.

Knowing when to run a horse for the first time is a vital skill that every good trainer has. Running young horses before they are ready is one of the most damaging things that can happen. Although waiting can be really difficult it is vital to wait until the animal is both physically and psychologically ready.

Before putting a horse into training a client should consider the costs. It is important to have a clear discussion with the trainer to understand everything that will be involved. For example, veterinarian and farrier fees are usually extra. Along with race registration and transport costs. However, as the horse crosses the finish line in first place, every penny will be worth it.

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