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What To Pack For Sequoia National Park Camping

By Beryl Dalton

Whether it be in spring or in summer, it is highly recommended for people to camp outdoors together with the entire family. Not only is this a fun activity that helps people move their body around, it is also a good way for the entire family to bond. It is especially better for you if you can go for Sequoia national park camping.

If you want to camp at this place, then pack the right things with you. There are things that you must and must not bring with you when you plan to camp at this place. Knowing them can help you have a good time during this activity. Here are the tips that you should know regarding what to pack.

First, know the type of bag or luggage you must bring during this activity. Since you are going to a place close to nature, you should not expect a lot of concrete for the road. By taking that into consideration, it is a must for you to avoid using those bags or luggage that has rollers on them because they are inconvenient.

For your clothing, pick out a set that is not only comfortable for you to walk around in but also suitable for the place that you are going. The days in this place are usually very hot during the summer season. The park itself is cooler. Since this is the case, it is better to bring warmer clothing with you even if it is summer or spring.

Various toiletries and medical supplies should be brought here. Prioritize sunscreen as well as mosquito repellent. Adhesive bandages and your favorite treatment to blisters should be brought as well. Painkillers as well as your usual meds should be brought along too.

Since you are in a camp, it is only natural to want to take some pictures. You can bring your camera with you for this then. However, remember to bring films and extra batteries so that you do not have to buy them while at this place since it can be quite expensive. If you are using DSLRs and the likes, make sure to bring enough memory storage device.

You can do more than just camp in this place. You can take an enjoyable moment in the each or you can camp out during the night. Since you can do a lot of activities, you have to take this in mind when considering what to bring. For example, if you plan to spend the night here, then bring a flashlight with you.

Be wary of bears. They exist in this camp ground, after all. Taking that into consideration, you better put your food in a lightweight bear canister. You can also use a bear-proof box as an alternative. If you use normal containers for your food, it will be easy for bears to figure out where your food are.

There are a bunch of rules that you must take note of when you go to this campground. Since this is a part of nature, garbage should be properly disposed of. Throw them out or pack them so that they do not violate the place. You are required to do this to prevent the bears from coming out too.

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