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A Guide To Using A Vail Limo Service

By Tammie Caldwell

Limousines vary significantly from other kinds of cars, especially in terms of space and amenities. They usually exude the impression of wealth and power. You can lease a limousine for special occasions such as weddings, proms, corporate parties and bachelorette or bachelor parties. You may also lease a limo in Vail, CO if you need luxury transportation from or to the airport.

Different kinds of limos are available. They include luxury sedans, stretch sedans, stretch limos that accommodate six people and super stretch limos that accommodate ten to eighteen people. The expenses associated with leasing a Vail limo service usually depend on the kind and size of limousine customers choose and the distance they will cover. Most limousine service providers charge their clients on an hourly basis. In general, they require their clients to rent a limousine for 2 hours or more unless they are using airport transfer services.

Most limousine service providers expect their customers to lease their vehicles for at least 2 hours because it is expensive to buy and maintain a limousine. On average, these service providers spend about seventy thousand to a hundred and ten thousand or more on a new limousine. For this reason, leasing the vehicles for one hour is not cost effective for them since they also have to pay the chauffeur and spend time preparing the vehicle.

After leasing a limousine, a limo rental company may start charging you from the time you are picked up. It may also begin charging you from the moment the limousine begins its journey to the location you want to be picked up from. It is therefore important to ask limousine rental companies how they charge because this is one of the factors that creates a difference in prices.

In order to have a great experience of renting a limousine in Vail, CO, it is important to do a few things. One of them is to reserve a limousine early. This is particularly important if you are leasing the vehicle for your wedding. Ideally, you should reserve the limousine one month in advance and then confirm that the limousine rental company will honor your reservation at least a week before your wedding day.

Consumers should also plan certain details before leasing a limousine. They should have an idea about the number of passengers who will travel in the vehicle, the number of hours they will lease it and the distance they will cover. Consumers should also plan for refreshments. They can inquire about the beverages and foods that the limousine rental firm offers.

Planning your routes is also essential. You should inform the company and the chauffeur if you plan to travel directly from one location to another only or if you plan to make stops at certain locations along the way. It is also important to inquire if there will be any surcharges for associated costs such as fuel.

As they lease a limousine, consumers should also be ready to tip the driver. Tipping the limousine driver is good etiquette. Some limousine service companies add tips to the rental price. Therefore, consumers should inquire if gratuity for the driver is added to the rental price. If gratuity is not included, they should set aside an additional twenty percent of the rental fee as the tip.

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