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Why Bicycle Tune Up Is Important

By Tammie Caldwell

It is undeniably true that the modern bicycle is a flexible machine and offer a lot of options for recreation, transportation, competition in Cincinnati OH, fitness and employment. Cycling also provides a great host of health benefits including leg strength, cardiovascular functioning, coordination, balance and improvements in mood. Also, biking can help with weight management.

Whether it is by keeping your chains oiled, your brakes well adjusted or the tires properly inflated, there are many things you can do to ensure a long life for your bike and the best road trip. It is always best to take your bicycle for a quick spin around the block before going on a long travel. You may follow these bicycle tune up tips to ensure a safe and efficient ride.

First thing to do is to clean your bike. A clean bicycle can extend the life span of all components, just as clean car lasts longer. In order to perform this, you can use a basic biodegradable cleaner, a towel and a old toothbrush to clean everything such as the chain, frame, , seat, pedals, brakes and more. Make an effort to use a little water as possible. Applying grease is also better to last longer the oil which dries out faster and act as a barrier against rust in the seat tube.

Second, inspect the brake system. Brakes are an imperative component of all bikes because they give control over the speed you travel. Controlling speed can reduce the likelihood of being in an accident. Brakes also control the cyclist to maneuver whilst turning, riding up and down hills as well as avoiding debris and other obstacles.

Third, watch your wheels. The rims or wheels hold your tires in place and give smoothness and stability while riding. Your bike would not be able to move without rims because they allow a consistent contact between the road surface and tires. Clean the wheels with rubbing alcohol and a clean dry cloth. Check the rims for scrapes, nicks, dents and other damage. Elevate the end of the bike and spin the wheels.

Fourth, inspect the drivetrain. The drivetrain of a bike includes the chain, pedals, chain ring and ear wheel cassette. The drivetrain is vital because it transfers the power generated by cyclist to the rear rim. This transfer a power that provides the force power that let the bike moves.

Fifth, check your tires. Tires should fit around the rims or wheels to protect them and improve the functions. Tires offer a source of friction with the ground, allowing your travel time over a variety of surfaces such as dirt, pavement and gravel. In addition to that they also form a versatile cushion with the ground which smoothes out shock making a comfortable ride.

Check the cables. Cables are made of coil metal wires in plastic housing. These are often connected every shifter and brake on the handlebars to the brake pads. Most of the cables are connected to the brakes that assist the moving of chains from the gear.

Finally, add lubricant. Oil lubricants coat the chain and other parts of the drivetrain. It helps them to last for a certain time and work efficiently. Lube reduces accumulation of grime and dirt, which helps increase the function and performance of all moving parts.

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