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Top Tips For Best Car Service Long Island Airport, NY

By Tammie Caldwell

Servicing your car can be a costly affair, especially if you cover high mileage every year. Your car's service manual is the key to keeping your automobile in good repair. Dealerships are nearly always a more expensive choice for servicing and repairs than independent garages. Replacing low cost parts such as tires, battery, hoses and coolant decreases your expenses on maintaining the vehicle. The following are helpful ideas for car service Long Island Airport, NY.

Change engine oil and filter regularly. Consult your car manufacture guide for the correct oil type. Dispose old motor oil at a retail car part store. Never pour in drain or garbage pit. It may pollute the water supply. Many dealerships will typically recommend an oil change twice as often as your truck needs.

Many car owners overlook break fluid. It is usually a small, clear tub with an easy-to-remove top. Do not let any dirt particles get into the fluids. Make sure the fluid is above the minimum line. Any used car oil including brake fluid, oil needs to be disposed of responsibly by locating your nearest waste oil recycling bank.

Do not keep your foot on clutch pedal due to accelerated friction and wear. To keep the clutch longer, do not rev the engine excessively before releasing the clutch also do not use the clutch to hold a position on a hill, use the brakes. There are expert car-care service centers that can service your vehicle clutch in case it has a problem.

Tires that are over inflated or under pressure will wear unevenly and require to be replaced sooner. The right inflation level is indicated on the drivers side door in the vehicle. Check the tires on weekly basis to ascertain they are properly inflated. If you need to claim on a warranty, you will normally have to show that you have a complete service record.

A clean engine runs cooler than a dirty one. To cool down an engine on the verge of overheating, turn the air conditioner and turn the heater full blast. Stop the car if this does not cool down the engine. The antifreeze will keep the fluids from freezing up and thereby protect your engine and its moving parts in cold weather conditions. Never attempt to remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot or warm.

Change spark plugs. Use good quality branded plugs with copper core electrodes. Before replacing used spark plugs, make sure there is no dirt that may drop into the spark plug chamber. Do not over-tighten the plugs to avoid thread damage. When replacing the plugs, check for signs of deterioration.

If your vehicle has a cam chain breakage it can lead to engine damage. If it fails while you are driving, you could face serious engine damage that could cost much more to fix than changing it when recommended. These belts are not usually changed with each service, however, replacing them regularly will reduce the chances of engine damage.

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