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The Smith Rock Climbing Guides Are The Mentors Of This Generation

By Tammie Caldwell

Arizona is a well-known Mecca for climbers, as shown on many documentaries as well as scenes in various Hollywood movies. Sites like Red Rocks are world-famous for the challenge they pose to individuals willing to face that fear. Nestled within that area is a school that can help them perfect their technique, with a few tips from the Smith Rock climbing guides.

The American Mountain Guides Association has granted this school an official accreditation, and students are in love with their program. Nothing challenges a person quite like defying the natural laws of gravity, along with their own animal instinct which tells them to stay on the ground. The boost of confidence one receives when they challenge themselves up against a wall of rock can help treat most forms of depression, social anxiety, and drug addiction.

There are twelve individuals who are charged with the task of providing instruction to new students that come into their school. These men are experienced climbers, having travelled the world in order to be challenged upon new rocks and ledges. Steep slopes are their office, and they are limited only by the point where land meets sky.

Many of them started out as climbers from a very early age. Anyone who has been to a repelling gym has seen the small children, brought by their parents. A child lacks the instinctive fear that adults have when it comes to heights and their own personal limitations.

While parents generally do not bring very small children on a serious climb, once the age of adolescence has arrived, many young people become students. Those who have been engaged in the hobby with their parents for years are already well on their way to becoming successful instructors, paid to indulge the hobby that they love while also providing guidance to adults with less experience.

The physical work-out that is experienced with even a modicum of practice is intense. Within fifteen minutes anyone can experience a full-body workout that will leave them as sore as any hour-long group fitness class. If one goes to a class, or visits one of these gyms even once a week, they will have a physical fitness level that will astound them.

The instruction and encouragement from a qualified guide converts dangers involved to a controlled element. Students learn to gauge their climbs for the length of time needed, as well as how much equipment and rope they might want to carry. The activity itself is an excellent form of therapy, and people come to this school to overcome phobias, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, and even social anxiety.

Many people view these hobbies as being too dangerous to indulge themselves and their families in. The fact is, life is dangerous, and every time a family walks out there door, life provides no guarantees that everyone, or anyone, will return safely. However, when a person is willing to challenge their own threshold of fear and panic, they come out knowing that they have the ability to face whatever is to come.

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