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Unforgettable Antarctic Cruises From Ushuaia

By Tammie Caldwell

Over time, the way people vacation has changed drastically. Sure, there are still those who like to sit by a pool and soak up the sun, but others really want to see the beauty that the world offers. This is probably thanks to the Internet, which has provided users with glimpses of these remote areas. One such area is in South America and will provide an unforgettable experience, especially on Antarctic cruises from Ushuaia, Argentina.

While there are many beautiful destinations in the world, there are few that can offer this much. Bounded by the Beagle Channel to the south, and a beautiful mountain range to the north, it is known as the world's southernmost city. It's situated on a wide bay, where many cruises begin and end.

While the city is situated so close to the Antarctic, it's winters are not particularly cold. It's warmest month is January and its coldest is July, and is known to be quite humid. It's summers are often cloudy and windy, and in wintertime, it experiences frequent snowfalls and rain showers.

As for daylight, its southern latitude certainly plays a role, varying it significantly between summer and winter. There are about 17 hours of daylight during the summer, while only about seven hours during winter. Aside from that, it has become a major tourist destination because of all that it offers, and because it is a commercial port for cruising.

First off, being a commercial peer, it takes thousands of cruise travelers to numerous Antarctic islands. This is also the port where Southern scientific expeditions begin. Whatever the case, it is the door to some of the most beautiful and remote islands in all the world, such as the South Shetland Islands, but also to the popular Falkland Islands.

The point of departure was at one time a penal colony that was reserved for dangerous offenders, and re-offenders. It has changed dramatically, as people have come to embrace its beauty and its location as the city closest to the Antarctica. There are numerous lakes and bays, forests and glaciers to take in. What's more is that its sunset is outstanding.

While this is the place where one's trip can begin, it will be one that will bring memories that last a lifetime. It goes far beyond any expectations tourists may have. While the cruise ships are loaded with all the latest amenities and are treated to exceptional service, the places they visit are priceless they are loaded with impressive wildlife, possibly filled with thousands of penguins, and icebergs of every form.

The important thing is to remember to pack appropriately for this type of cruise. It's not one's typical vacation, where bathing suits are the norm. Instead, this requires thermal underwear, gloves, and waterproof outerwear from head to toe. A good camera with lots of batteries and pair of binoculars will allow one to really experience their vacation to the most. Plus, for the most part, it's a casual affair, although there are some cruise ships that do offer more formal evenings.

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