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Interesting High School Fundraising Ideas That Work

By Tammie Caldwell

In the education system, and with everything getting so expensive, fundraising is a vital part of helping students pay for events, field trips, and so on. In addition to that, the institutions themselves actually need some extra funds to help students experience school with activities, as it should be. With financial cuts here and there, it's becoming increasingly difficult. However, below, find some interesting high school fundraising ideas that work.

Some of the most popular fundraising efforts involve discount cards. The number one reason why they work so well is because the donor actually get something back for his donation. It can be a great discount on a good meal or a movie. The bottom line is that they're very valuable. However, it always depends on the company whether these discount cards are free or not, so shop around.

Another great discount card idea is directly from mobile phone carriers. As virtually everyone has a mobile phone these days, it can be quite useful to the consumer. It's important for people to recognize that the big retailers do like to give back to their community because they are appreciated when they do. Other ways could involve raffle tickets. There are so many ways to earn good money from selling these, so long as there are attractive offers, such as from popular restaurants or salons.

Other successful campaigns could include sporting event tickets up for grabs on the raffle tickets. More and more, it's becoming increasingly difficult and expensive for average consumers to get their hands on such tickets, so it could be a successful campaign. The important thing is to choose the right campaign and put in the right amount of effort.

Be careful not to overdo the same campaign, as it will eventually grow tiresome and not achieve successful results. Therefore, it's recommended to make some important changes. For example, introduce crafts that would bring out the talent in numerous students that could actually paint. There could be an online auction to make it more interesting.

There are lots of art loving people in the community that would love to get an original painting for their home or business. Other such ideas for fundraising include costume jewelry making. All one needs is a little creativity, some fine silk thread, wire, and quality beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Snacks stalls are also extremely popular, in all levels of education.

It's easy enough to prepare tasty snacks that can be sold in a high traffic location that will generate a good amount of sales. This way, students stay in one location, and customers come to them. The important thing is to make them look enticing.

For decades, in movies and in neighborhoods all over North America, car washes lead in money raising campaigns for schools. These are still popular and can generate quite an amount of money over the course of a few days. A successful campaign should be planned according to the weather, and should last a few days. Again, a high traffic location is necessary to generate good income, as is some marketing to get as many as customers as possible.

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