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Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Have Hotel Discounts

By Tammie Caldwell

In the basic life cycle of a product or service there a system of organizations, persons, activities, information and resources that takes part in the transition of a product or service from the supplier to the consumer. A discount is a reduction in the basic price of a product or service. It is an establishment offers both goods and services this means hotel discounts are a popular thing.

For an establishment that offers meals, lodging and guest services to be considered as a hotel it has to meet certain set regulations. This are, it should have a minimum of six bedrooms available for letting and three of those should have in built bathroom facilities. It should also have a restaurant section where food is served to these occupants and other members of the public.

A hotel may offer a discount to clear out of date and unwanted stock in their stores. Since hotels serve various kinds of food every day, they are forced to purchase the ingredients in bulk. Food in the store may go bad or expire and this would result to high losses. To curb this problem, a discount is imposed on certain foods. This will make the consumption of these types of food increase and therefore the supplies in the stores will be exhausted easily.

After launching a new product, be it a meal or a service, a it may impose a discount to promote it. This will help gain feedback from the customers about their take on the product. It also helps market the product since many people will try it, this same people will talk about it.

In every business there are the major customers, this people either make high number of purchases or bring in more profits or they have been with the business since it started. This people are considered to be valuable to the business. In hotels the case is the same and there are discounts made specifically for this people as rewards for their loyalty.

In a new environment a business does not have any customers. There are competitors who have been there for a longer time and have all the customers. The best thing to do as hotel management is to offer discounts on goods and services. This will see people come in since it is cheaper. You will then come up with ways to keep these customers once you have lured them in.

When new management is taking over. They will be inclined to show the customers that they are going to bring changes and maybe increase the quality of services. They might offer a discount to mark a new beginning, bring in more customers and hopefully keep them.

During the festive seasons everybody wants to check into a hotel and have a good time. During this period there are a lot of clients and the competition is too high. You might offer a discount to give customers a reason to choose you above all.

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