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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Ericka Marsh

A wetsuit is an integral component for those of us who love skin diving and surfing. Water out in the ocean can feel icy regardless of the hot period in a year. A well-maintained suit helps to keep us warm while we have our fun underwater. Rinsing the outer and inner layers of our diving wear with fresh water after use helps to keep odours and bacteria at bay. There is a formal way of how to clean a wetsuit to maintain its optimum conditions.

Our underwater suit is made from a fabric called neoprene. Such a material comes with certain products required to keep it clean and maintain its ideal conditions. We need to use a special shampoo to wash our neoprene suit, which is available in surf and diving shops. Zipper lubricant and wide hangers are other components we shall need to maintain and clean particular suit.

The process starts with the filling up of a bathtub with tepid water. The correct amount of wetsuit neoprene cleaning shampoo then goes into this. Common shampoos have recommendations of half an Oz of this shampoo in every gallon of water. The cleaner should however look up the instructions on the shampoo labeling to determine the right mix.

Next comes a gentle swish around of this particular suit in the water. This removes debris and sand from it. The cleaner should make sure the cleaning water reaches every part of inner suit also. The next step involves a thorough rinse using fresh lukewarm water. The cleaner must remember to rinse the inner parts of their suit as well. It is preferable that the shower jet is used for this.

Once rinsing is done, the suit should be hung out in the shower area rod with the use of wide hanger. This allows most of the water to drip off the suit. Once most of the water has dripped off, it should be hung up away from the wetness and humidity in the bathroom finishing up the drying process. While drying up, it should be kept way from direct sunlight. This is because the sun rays would cause premature wearing out of particular suit.

Finally, the cleaner should open up the zipper and squeeze some zipper lubricant on both its sides. Concentration ought to be on the outer teeth of this suit. Closing and opening the zipper a number of times ensures this lubricant reaches deep into every part the zipper. If the suit is used on a regular basis, it is recommended that it be washed twice a month.

We must never wash our wetsuits in any washing machine as we do our other clothing. Washing machines would cause severe damage to this suit. To keep away bad odours and disinfect it, we can use deodorant. When we are not using our wetsuit, we must hang it away rather than fold it with other clothing. Folding results in cracks and cracks consequently develop into tears. We must use beefy hangers and we ought to avoid hanging our suits with thin wire types of hangers. Such wire hangers dig into the material, which leads to cracks.

Cleaning our wetsuits is not complicated, which is a good thing. With the use of these maintenance and cleaning routines, we are assured of long service from our suits.

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