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Embrace Another World When You Experience Adventures At Haida Gwaii Lodge

By Ericka Marsh

When the pressures of work and daily life grind you down, you simply want to disappear to someplace magical. When your spirit craves an adventure, and you want to have a wonderful place to stay while you learn to feel alive again, there is a place waiting for you. A remote, yet accessible archipelago sits just west of British Columbia. It is surrounded by Pacific Ocean on the west and Hecate Strait toward the east. It is a rugged place, but its shorelines have lured the best fishermen, artists and explorers for hundreds of years.

The archipelago is settled off the coast of Canada with islands created atop their continental shelf. Getting there requires either flying or taking a ferry from Vancouver or Prince Rupert. Some will arrive in private vessels to stay in the local marinas. The chance to fly in to any haida gwaii lodge and have all lodging amenities and activity equipment already completely prepared keeps many returning often.

As a prime location for sports fishermen and their activities, area lodges specialize in fly in adventures. Once reservations for any group are confirmed, the next step for sportsmen is to simply arrive and check in to their accommodations. All of the clothing, equipment, fishing boats, meals and entertainment are completely set to go. Days are spent reeling in salmon and local fish, while evenings are filled with great, locally sourced food, often caught that day, and good company.

The artists who work and live there often focus on the ancient Haida arts and culture. Many students travel from around the globe to have the chance to study with them. There are workshops available, and many shops selling lovely art pieces. Raven and Eagle, two popular characters in the old tales are often featured in bold graphic jewelry and other decorative items. These are stories that have become popular in schools as people learn more about multiculturalism.

Naturalists wishing to explore the flora and fauna fed by the volcanic waters and ever changing land surfaces tend to hike through the forests and along the beaches. It is said that the archipelago was one place where the warmth of the volcanoes helped to preserve the diverse wildlife and sea creatures over the Ice Age. This is one theory about why it is that the islands there are filled with species from the neighboring mainland as well as those unique to the island chain.

Once ruled by Great Britain, and named Queen Charlotte's Islands, the historic architecture in the main towns reflects that heritage. But there is also a presence that has always remained for the People, with dwellings in the distinctive Haida style everywhere. The cultures simply are both embraced, and guests who come to stay in lodges here can enjoy experiencing the coexistence of both.

The photo opportunities here rival any on earth. From up close views of tiny organisms floating in the water to broad vistas above it, there is a scene to capture the imagination of every photographer.

Taking lodging on this remote archipelago offers a calm and remote spot to recharge spiritual energy. Adventures of many kinds await those seeking it. Making reservations to spend some time here is one great way to escape the world as you know it, step back in time, and fill yourself with incredible memories.

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