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The Etobicoke Volleyball League May Put The Town On The Map

By Ericka Marsh

Nothing puts a town, city, or country on the map for many people quite like a sports team. This can become even more true during the period just prior and during an Olympic year, wherein athletes from many places come together. With the addition of this particular beach-centered pass-time as an event, it is possible more people will learn about the success of Etobicoke volleyball teams as they train the athletes who shall pursue the Gold.

Located on the beaches of Lake Ontario in the Ontario Province in Canada, this is a small community within a larger city. This is a community few people in the world are familiar with, but through media coverage of the Olympic Games, they hope to draw new visitors. Anyone who travels to Toronto may appreciate the small-town feel, and wish to book their hotel room in this small borough.

This area boasts some of the finest shopping centers in Toronto. For anyone who does not fear the far north, it is an ideal vacation destination during the months of October and November. One can visit a small city with a friendly atmosphere, take in the sites, learn about their burgeoning sports and recreation centers, and get their Holiday shopping in all at once.

Anyone from very small boys and girls right on up to teens and young adults can find training facilities, coaches, and teams here. They provide high-caliber training to show how seriously they take their game. Even prior professional players hop into it and provide formal tips and training to young athletes who wish to be their best.

More than the small communities see benefits when sports puts them on the map. Young people all over the world become familiar with places they never knew existed. It becomes a fun and exciting way for young people to learn the geography of the world around them.

One thing which has become apparent in this sport is that there is an equal amount of attention paid to the sport for girls and boys. This is important, as overwhelming attention paid to men in sports causes many girls to regard athletics as irrelevant to them. The fact is, young women benefit as much as men from the team building and fitness training they experience.

Sports have often been an equalizer for members of other races and cultures, and now it is becoming a gender equalizer as well. In recent years we have been seeing more and more women and minorities taking their place in Olympic history, and achieving the fame and notoriety that it affords. More than ever young women are being encouraged to join sporting organizations.

Sports in our modern age is becoming about more than team spirit, leadership, and physical fitness. It is a tool of empowerment for women and other minorities, it places towns on the map for people all around the world, and it is steeped in traditions which are sometimes thousands of years old. Good sportsmanship has become a character trait rather than a manner of accepting defeat, and this trait is something the world could use more of in the future.

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