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Understanding The Functions Of Military Antenna Mast

By Tammie Caldwell

There are different modes of communication but for the military, theirs is even more modified, emphasized, and developed. If anything goes wrong with the communication systems, they are all risking their lives too much. They need backup in worse case scenarios but if they are not able to communicate exactly where they are and where the enemies are, this will indicate failure in operations, which will cause numerous deaths.

Communication in the field with other bases can be done using radio. A military antenna mast is not easy to manufacture. There are so many considerations like the cost of production including the raw materials and labor. On the other hand, the size, bandwidth, and capacity to deter radio signal interferences are notable considerations as well.

Users like to use lighter and handier antennas and communication system. Designers and engineers are having trouble regarding this because the demand for lighter and handier equipment has increased. These professionals are working on it but they cannot guarantee immediate outcome. They are still researching and altering the properties of these devices. They say that the bigger and higher radio waves can be captured more if the devices are taller, heavier, and bigger.

However, experts have outlined their concerns regarding the mast sizes. They have indicated that the bigger and taller the device is, the higher is its tendency to capture frequencies no matter how low the signals are. Such equipment are even a few inches to a few feet taller than the actual size of an adult man.

While users prefer the least heavy and the smallest sizes, designers are still incapable of giving them that. According to experts, the usual physics of creating such innovations has always been higher, heavier, bigger, which yield better receptions. Otherwise, there will be low frequencies which is impossible to communicate effectively between men at the base and men on the field.

It is easy to suggest that mobile phones be used. It may sound and look really easy to do but there are also loopholes in this. It is true that mobile phones are handier and that they are very efficient. But the question lies in its efficiency on any area and condition.

The conditions in war stricken areas are often very negative. Network signals which are land based are sometimes limited and often, they have been destroyed by war. Thus, there is a need for phones to have a more extensive system like radio frequencies.

With these information made known, it can be concluded safely that the RF communication systems could be the only mode of communication in the field. But studies are still ongoing on how to grant the requests of users about a less heavier and more handy antennas. This is the work of an applications engineer and a designer to make sure that the devices are then tested properly.

Experts have reiterated that the best device to use in military operations is RF. But this is not a conclusion. To them, this is only a variable in the continuous studies and research. A series of experiments and tests are to be done in order to ensure the efficiency of any new innovation discovery.

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