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American Summer Camps,

By Lonnie Lorenz

Historically, summer camps have been an American institution since the early 1900's. In the early days camp was all about getting youngsters out of city life and enjoying the clean cool air of the country while learning camping skills.

Today, summer camp has progressed from campfires to computer screens and from nature trails to rollerblade rinks. In fact, many of today's camp programs take place in the heart of the city.

One Befit of Summer Camp is kids are given the choice to try new things and take safe risks. This voluntary nature makes children more open to new experiences, with personal satisfaction as their motivation. Not only are there opportunities to try new things, but camp offers many areas for children to excel in.

At a good Traditional summer camp, the non-athlete can shine at arts and crafts, woodworking, or dramatic programs, while the athlete can also find many outlets for their skills. Perhaps most importantly, the two campers learn to live together and become friends despite their varied interests. Learn about a great general interest summer camp.

Camp offers children many opportunities to become competent. Practicing both new and old skills on a regular basis, it makes sense that there will be improvement. Novices have chances to learn, while those who are more experienced can improve. Learning new skills and improving on old ones builds self-esteem. Children become more independent and self-reliant at camp with their new skills.

Years from now, your child may not remember the games or a camp song, but, the life lessons will remain. Summer camp provides the backdrop for a child learn responsibility. A kid who has never before made a bed, will learn how to smooth out sheets and blankets and fold clothes in a locker. Though it all counselors will encourage and campers quickly learn to take responsibility for themselves as well as the team. All of this personal responsibility further fosters a sense of independence and self-esteem.

At camp, children learn to get along with others, all while living together 24 hours a day, learning about courtesy, compromise, teamwork, and respect.

For campers from a foreign country Camps in USA provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about America from local Children in a fun and safe environment. Not to mention the English language is spoken daily.

Learn more more about American Summer Camps visit Summer Camp Advice. Camp Info

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