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Florida Villas: The Place To Stay

By Carol Baker

Take a moment and think Florida villas. What pops into your head must be the right vacation you'll have. Do you want to look out over the ocean while you eat dinner? What about a game of golf afterward? Probably a trip to a local art gallery or an outside concert in the park. You'll need a calming day before you decide to take the kids to Disney world the next day. Indeed, you can perform all that from a hotel room, exactly why is a Florida villa the place for you? Relieved you inquired.

Villas were originally the country homes for Italian nobility and the wealthy. Now, celebrities like George Clooney have one and don't seem to want to leave. After two days in Florida villas, you'll never want to depart either. As either part of a larger resort, or separated from the typical tourist hotels and areas, a Florida villa holiday is one thing unusual you won't ever forget.

To find one, you need to begin searching Florida vacation websites by the city you want to stay near and filter the results by 'villa'. Once you're there, you can sort by the rent you want to pay, the number of bedrooms, private pool, or even if you want the kitchen stocked and ready for you on arrival.

No matter where you decide to go, it's never a long drive to a baseball game, golf course, horse track or a stock car race. There's also that little football team called the Dolphins waiting for you. If you want something a little more filling than a stadium hot dog, then you'll find more world class restaurants than you'll have time to eat at, even if you stay all winter.

With regards to tourist attractions, there's more to Florida than just the House of Mouse. There are more than a dozen major aquariums, not to include Sea World. Busch Gardens is another outstanding place for your family. You wish to take a day for golf? There are more than 165 courses for to choose from.

If you prefer the indoor life, there is still a villa for you. Many Florida villas are located within minutes of the museums, libraries, historical sites and shopping centers. At night, you'll find yourself just as close to some of the most amazing nightclubs and concert venues you'll ever see.

When choosing a vacation home, here are a few things to remember why you want to choose from Florida villas:

1) Villas offer more room compared to a roomy hotel room at a lower price. Rental fees are for the house and never per person. Far more deluxe at a lower price.

2) Since they are houses, Florida villas give more personal advantages for your convenience like extensive kitchen amenities, private swimming pools and full size, exclusive bedrooms.

3) Most of the villas are privately, locally owned, so they are maintained at a higher standard than hotel rooms. Also, local owners know the best places to go and where you can get the best shopping bargains.

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