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Experience The Various Cultures Of The French Border Regions

By Julio Florentino

The border regions of France are very popular places to visit and vacation, and they offer more than one culture that you will be able to enjoy within a short distance. These are the areas that are situated along the border of other nations, and travel across all of Europe is freely allowed. This means that you can take a short train ride or go for a drive and end up in another country within minutes or an hour or so.

Germany is located nearby the Alsace region and to get there, you merely have to cut across the Rhine river from Strasbourg. You will be able to taste the tremendous German recipes and experience all its traditions, landmarks and its various other attractions. Unique architecture that you usually only see in fairy tales can be seen in these areas. Many of the signboards will also be written in French and German seeing as how there are tons of traffic coming from both sides.

For a taste of the Spanish culture, you should get to the Languedoc-Roussilon area first. Right before you move into Spain itself, you'll begin to see heavy Spanish influences on the region's architecture. The Pyrenees Mountains will also be a sight to behold. The wine and cassoulet will similarly be a mixture of the traits of both nations too.

A trip to Nice means being close to Italian influences and a fascinating history that was not always pleasant or even honorable. In this region you will find many sidewalk cafes that offer typical fare found in Italy, rather than the French cuisine that may be expected. Farmer markets offer many varieties of olives and other products, and this is a land of sun and sea as well as plenty of things to see and enjoy. You can spend your entire stay here going back and forth, visiting the local attractions and sampling some of the finest foods and meals you can find anywhere.

A couple of other noteworthy border regions would be the Rhone Alps and the Nord Pas De Calais. Nord Pas De Calais is situated nearby Belgium. In this particular area, instead of the usual wine, you'll be seeing a lot of beer around. Likewise, instead of vineyards, there will be breweries everywhere. As for the Rhone Alps, it is especially famous for the stunning views of its snow-capped mountains as well as its greatly desired spa treatments and massages that cannot be found elsewhere.

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