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The Different Types Of Thailand Holiday Villas And Guidelines In Selecting

By Karl B Anderson

When contemplating a grand vacation to Phuket or Pattaya or Hua Hin or Samui, renting Thailand holiday villas would definitely be a sensible choice. There are various types available in the area from luxury ones to budget-friendly, right smack a few steps away from the alluring sea or on top of a hill with sweeping vista of the island. Make sure that you organize your itinerary to guarantee convenience and accessibility as well as safety of everyone onboard this escapade.

Holiday villas in Thailand are totally different from your usual hotel accommodation wherein restrictions and limitations are heavily imposed. Here privacy and freedom of vacationers are empowered. Instead of the usual two person per room restrictions common in hotel chains, a standard villa usually have two to three bedrooms that can accommodate six people or more enough to cater to a whole family or group of friends. They often come with a kitchen and living area.

A beachfront villa offers almost same luxury and privacy as any other hotel with the beach just meters away from its doorstep. These often come in a native style hut or a modern bungalow or one-storey home complete with a kitchen, living and dining area, en-suite baths on its two to three bedroom accommodations. Of course, there is always a wooden sundeck or a terrace for viewing or getting some tan. Take note though if it is air conditioned or not as the tropics can be too hot especially in summer.

If you are in for breathtaking view and ultimate romanticism, a seaview villa will be a perfect choice. This one is often perched on a nearby hillside with sweeping views of the ocean and the white sandy beach below. The beach where all the fun happens is usually accessible on foot or by bike.

For those who have all the money to spare, a luxury villa is a fitting choice. Elegant and often huge in terms of space and room, amenities are always top of the line. Often air conditioned with outdoor Jacuzzis or a pool on its very own sundeck, this is one accommodation where dreams are made into reality.

But not everyone has all the thousands to spare. With this, a budget-friendly villa would be a sensible choice. This type of villa may not be as grand or as near to beachfront properties and may also not enjoy sweeping views of the oceanfront but it also provides a great link to the locals, enjoying their culture and lifestyle, as these are usually located near villages.

Looking for a perfect villa can be easy when you have friends, relatives or business colleagues who have stayed in one on a recent trip to these exotic hotspot. These trusted and reliable resources will prove to deliver no-nonsense feedback and pointers on finding a great place, a trustworthy agent or owner and on what to anticipate out of such accommodation. With this, you can ensure straightforward feedback leading to much safer, faster and efficient results.

Feel free also to browse for online travel agencies that offer convenient services right at your home or office. From Samui to Hua Hin, Phuket to Pattaya, villa accommodations galore are at your fingertips. When it comes to finding that perfect place to stay in one of the many majestic Thailand holiday villas, it pays to always be vigilant to get your money's worth.

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