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Things To Know About Shooting Sandbags

By Alyce Larson

Those passionate by shooting are aware about how important is to have the necessary tools and accessories. In most shooting applications, it is very important to have a good alignment. Therefore, heavy supports as the shooting sandbags are, can be crucial when trying to shoot tighter groups. When the sandbag's weight is greater, this will resist better to movement.

The features of a shooting sandbag are the sticky surface texture and the inert poly-filling. It is important that the surface of bag is made of reinforced material, in order to be resistant and not to allow the rifle to slide. The requirements are that bags are filled with sand, but other types of sand that are weighting more are also allowed. For example the Chromite and Zircon sand are having a higher weight than the conventional sand.

There are some manufacturers that are producing sandbags, but another cheaper solution is to make them at home. A tube sock or a pant leg can be used for the exterior of the bag. Denim material is preferred, due to its high resistance. After the sock or pant leg are sewn to one end, the interior can be filled with sand. After this is done, the other end can now be tied in a knot, and the sandbag is ready to be used.

In general the rear bags are filled with sand, but other materials as beans, rice or even car litter can also be used with success. In order that the sandbag weights more, professional shooters can use various mixing formulas. The secret lies in the fact that more weight is translated in a higher resistance on movements, and a better alignment.

How much a rear sandbag weighs will determine its size. These accessories can be found as standard, large or ultra-large size. Using heavy sand can be an additional expense for serious shooters, but this is worth. This is because a larger mass is translated into more stability, very important when a higher precision is required.

Some of the heavier alternatives of normal silica sand are the Riverbed, Zircon and Chromite sand. These are used in general by professional shooters during competitions. When a shooting sandbag is weighting more, the position of the rifle will be more stable, and the competitor can shoot with a higher precision. This is also very useful to maintain a good alignment during recoil, which is an important aspect evaluated during competitions.

But there are also situations when the weight of the sandbag doesn't need to be maximum. For example during the varmint walk-around sessions, lighter bags are preferred. But the rear bags used for the bench should remain filled with sand, in order to maintain the heavy weight.

Most of competitions from this domain are having as mandatory requirement the exclusive usage of sand as filling for shooting sandbags. Other heavy combinations, as for example sand and lead shot are not accepted. The filling composition needs to meet the competition's requirements, in order to avoid elimination.

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