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Useful Tips To Save Money on Your Travels

By Emily Collins

Before you do pack, decide whether you really need to take all that much. Could you make do with one bag between two people? Most cheap airlines offer great deals on flights, but it's easy to get stung by those extra hidden costs which pop up at the final minute - when you've already made your decision. So you inevitably accept all the extras.

Work out whether you can fit all your luggage within your free carry-on bags and one shared suitcase. Just think: the savings on your additional suitcase could cover the cost of lunch - or a round of cocktails!

Walking around your destination is not only excellent for getting your bearings, it's also a cost-free way to get from local point A to local point B. It can be great fun to go out exploring. For example, in Protaras Cyprus, the area is awash with palm trees and the coastline consists of crystal clear bays which just beg to be photographed. The cliffs at Cape Greco offer stunning views, whilst Fig Tree Bay is a gem of a beach. Many destinations will even have local walking tours which only cost you the price of a tip at the end. These are a worthy investment if you manage to find one.

You'll want to discover more of the cultural attractions too. Here it's key to know which destinations are budget-friendly. Before you go do some research to see if there are any free museums or attractions close to your holiday resort.

Free museums are usually not as popular or as busy as those that charge entrance fees, and you may find a gem that you would have otherwise missed. If you do decide to pay an entry-free make sure that you're not blowing your budget on hype. Get talking to locals and ask which sights they find the most interesting. It will rarely be the big tourist sites!

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