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Cheap Holidays to Malta ? What You Should Wear on Your Flight

By Charles Gibson

You can hardly contain your excitement. Before embarking on a long awaited vacation, you will need to book your cheap holidays to Malta 2013. Your bags are loaded, and you're ready to head off to the airport.

Hang on! Just before you head on out, you will need to stop and have a look at yourself in the mirror. Are you sure you are wearing the right clothes for your flight? Yes, you may not realise it but according to Independent Traveller, what you wear can actually affect your vacation mood. Take the case of world-renowned pop star Lady Gaga. In one specific long-haul flight, she was wearing skin-tight clothes paired with "armadillo" stilettos. While on flight, Lady Gaga started to experience the uncomfortable and painful warning signs of deep vein thrombosis, which can be a life-threatening condition. What normally causes this are being immobile for a number of hours, low cabin pressure, dehydration and or cramped seats. Not surprisingly, she was sick and cranky when she disembarked from the aircraft.

Thus, when you take long-haul, cheap flights, it is important that you wear the right clothes.

1. Ill-fitting clothes should be averted

Don't wear anything too taut. Too tight clothes constricts blood vessels, thus reducing blood flow. The feeling of confinement increases as you deal with long flight hours in the limited space of your airplane seat. Avoid discomfort and the onset of deep vein thrombosis by wearing loose-fitting natural fiber clothes such as cotton T-shirts and linen blouses. They allow your skin to breath and do not constrict blood flow.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.

Your feet's worst enemies during a long haul flight are shoes that aren't the size and stilletos. How exactly? Sitting in a cramped area for a number of hours in addition to the low cabin pressure, can result to inflamed feet. Too tight shoes can constrict the swelling, thus resulting to chronic foot pain. A safer option is a pair of comfortable sneakers. If you can change into a pair of flip-flops in-flight, can make things alot better.

Freshly cleaned clothes are the perfect choice

Due to the stale air in the constraints of an airplane cabin, smells are intensified. Freshly washed clothes are highly preferable to avoid any untoward incidents. In the same manner, your strong perfume can also be doubly intensified. It may smell good in other places, but in the cramped conditions of an aircraft, the scent is cloying and suffocating. So when in-flight, avoid any sort of pefume or cologne, if it's a possibility.

4. Layering

During your trip, you may be encountered with various temperature changes. For example, outside the tarmac or inside the airport, the heat range may be unbearably hot. But when you get inside an aircraft, the temperature suddenly falls as the cabin crew turns on the air conditioning. Dressing in layers permits you to quickly "modify" your clothes without hassle. Remove a layer when it's too hot, and put on a layer if it's too cold. Furthermore, you save luggage space because you don't have to put extra clothing in your suitcase.

5. Provocative clothing should be averted

In 2005, Southwest Airlines flight attendants removed a passenger from a flight because she was wearing a T-shirt with a politically questionable print. A couple of years later, the same flight crew punished another female passenger for wearing revealing clothes in a family-oriented airline. Lesson figured out? Don't wear clothing that is deemed offensive or showing. A comfortable pair of shorts, jeans, and shirt will work fine.

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