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Deception Island Entrance in Antarctica

By Jonny Blair

In Antarctica Deception Island is just an incredible place to see. To get there we had to veer our boat through the narrow passage known as Neptune's Bellows. We gathered on deck and looked out in awe as this marvellous island came into view. Indeed the magic of Deception Island in Antarctica was just beginning.

It was cold and it was windy. It was freezing and chilly. Most of the crew had come up to the main deck to witness our arival through this narrow passage in Antarctica into Deception Island.

The gap at the entrance to Deception Island in Antarctica is incredibly tight. Why? Because this island in Antarctica is shaped like a C. At least from a bird's eye view and it is deceiving hence the island's name. Our captain glided the boat calmly through!

Indeed the arrival through Neptune's Bellows into Deception Island is marvellous as well as being tight and it feels like the ship is going in slow motion most of the time, which is true! You had to be out on the main deck to witness it - an amazing voyage was getting even better now!

While on board you don't always get the chance to visit the bridge of the vessel so this was a great chance to see the captain at work, doing an excellent job getting the boat through the narrow passage!

Our captain worked it well - using his experience to sail the ship rather easily through Neptune's Bellows and into Deception Island in Antarctica in front of a lot of the passengers and crew!

The location of Neptune's Bellows is near Port Foster at the entrance point to Deception Island in Antarctica. Deception Island itself is part of the South Shetland Islands. The geographic location is 63o 0 s, 60o 34 w and the bellows are named after Neptune, a Roman God of nature.

After 20 minutes we had done it - the captain did an immense job profesionally getting us inside this island for a truly wonderful experience. Antarctica and Neptune's Bellows were awesome!

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