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An Amazing Trip From Panama To Colombia By Boat

By Eloise Hewitt

Whatever means of transport that one chooses to particular destination it should be interesting and this is no exception. A journey from Panama to Colombia by boat without a plane is not easy that is why choosing a cruiser makes the journey interesting. The boats spend the day sailing around islands, which is always something breathtaking. The sea is clear and it is occupied with unspoiled white sandy islands. Some of the islands are populated by Kuna and made up of palm trees and coral reefs . The vessels anchor at the uninhabited islands and this allow people to swim, relax. Sun-bath, snorkel, read, prepare meals and drink rum.

Meals vary depending on which watercraft you choose, some have a big lunch with small breakfast while others big breakfast and vice versa. On each trip you are offered three meals a day with most dishes being seafood with rice or pasta . All cruisers can accommodate Vegetarians, you may ask to bring some supplies because some items like alcohol and soft drinks you need to buy yourself.

The cruiser mates can also either make the trip fun or dreadful, getting watercraft mates who are fun, social and those you get along with can make up a wonderful trip. Captains also need to be well informed. They need to know the islands well so that they can give you the right direction.

Most of the trips take four to five days to sail from Panama to Colombia. Weather is always a major factor when it comes to sailing. The length of the entire trip can be prolonged if the weather is bad. When it rains you may have to stay for another day. With no wind during open sea sailing, it also takes longer to travel. Hostels have to be booked ahead of time to allow people to rest and enjoy the islands. If it happens to rain the captain will offer an additional day to your trip. To avoid inconveniences have a flexible schedule.

Many of the cruisers travel following a strict schedule, so to be on the safe side being on time is always mandatory. Always ask when your vessel is leaving in advance so that you can have an idea when the watercraft is leaving before hand. Normally the list of sailings of each day will have the boats name, the date and port of departure.

The vessels are spacious and offer each and everyone on board adequate space for sleep. You can sleep on shared beds with someone but it will still be comfortable. Many of these trips are typically for backpackers on a budget, therefore the accommodation is usually not luxurious, spacious or private. The best thing captains always have an idea of how to make the boat spacious. Most sail boats are small and do not have much room to lie down but never the less this provide nice ventilation and ease access to the outside deck.

Captains are also a major factor of a watercraft trip. It is very difficult to book a specific captain for your trip. Sometimes the hostels book a watercraft for you, but they will not promise which cruiser you will take and the captain to the trip. If it is possible find out who your captain is a day before you depart and whether you like your captain or not getting your deposit back is a difficult task.

The quality of vessels operating between Panama and Colombia can vary. The higher the quality of a cruiser the higher the cost of the trip, so if you get a cruiser sailing from Panama to Colombia and having all meals served at a favorable cost is a good deal.

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