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The Opus Of Liverpool Fc Supporters Hong Kong

By Anita Ortega

Probably the well-known record held by Liverpool FC is that they have won the highest number of UEFA Champions League trophies than any other English football club. This is something the Reds can brag about, as they are commonly known. Globally, the club commands a 42 million following of people spread out from Europe, Africa Asia and America. In light of all this 2 million of the 42 are liverpool fc supporters hong kong. This is according to Facebook though.

The Chinese following commands such a large global attention one could think the club is situated there. Its attributed to fact that they are concentrated in one setting away from Anfield and speak the same language, love for Liverpool. This has given them the right to speak when it comes to what LFC is a club and a global brand of football.

Almost everyone, but leave these group aside, had thought Liverpool was relegated to a mid-table club. This is in reference to the English Premier League. However to much of their amusement, the exemplary performance of the team in these leagues this season has come as a shock to many. This could as well be termed as without a doubt the best run so far they have heard in a long time. This could be attributed partly to what Manager Brendan Rodgers had done at the club, the players and finally the supporters. The Hong Kong movement.

The Chinese fan base is quite vibrant. Their social media presence is quite commendable. With Facebook, Tumblr and Blogs, this group has proved to be a loyal group with interconnected and coordinated activities all aimed at showing and rendering their support to the club.

The ultimate wish of followers of football clubs from all over the world is to see their team perform well and also be part of the success. There is evidence that not once but in a number of times, the following has made its way to Europe to watch the football matches life from Anfield. This prompted the 2012 Liverpool Summer tour to Hong Kong where the fans got their shirts signed and got the chance to meet the icons face to face.

Supporters form a key tool in the growth and development of a club and its players as well. The main attraction according to their Tumblr page is Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge who are the top two scorers English Premier League this season. Their lethal combination has affected many teams and has proven to be a force to respect. The level of support this group has accorded the two I phenomenal and could be instrumental to the results they are putting up.

Football is a group sport and by this it means everyone involved has to play a part in making sure at the end of the day results are attained. The Chinese following has done a lot for the society at large including donations and contributions to the disadvantaged in Hong Kong especially kids that suffer from Cancer.

This is a positive and goes purely in line with the clubs slogan, you will never walk alone. No matter what Liverpool will keep coming.

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