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Using Cozumel Deep Sea Fishing Charters

By Essie Osborn

When looking for the best places in the Mexican Caribbean to fish you cannot ignore Cozumel. It brags of one of the worlds widest variety of sport fish with crystal clear waters and warm Caribbean weather to accommodate the best fishing experience ever. You will find numerous Cozumel deep sea fishing charters to choose from when you arrive.

If you are traveling on a cruise ship to get there you will find that the ship offers bookings for their passengers with specific charter companies. This can be very convenient and will absolutely guarantee that your excursion will return before the ship leaves port for the next destination. They may also be over booked and crowded dependent upon how many others from the cruise plan to fish while in port.

Another option is to reserve a private charter prior to arrival in the city. A private charter will give you the option of sharing the boat with fewer people and they also will guarantee return prior to ship departure. These boats usually carry a maximum of six passengers and as few as one if you prefer to fish alone. They offer a wide variety of amenities to ensure comfort of their passengers while out to sea.

You can expect to find all of your gear and supplies on board when you arrive. The captain will have all licenses, taxes and fees taken care of for you and will have a prepared luncheon on board for all passengers and crew. There are also refreshments such as snacks and drinks available for all to enjoy. Cleaning and filleting of the fish is provided as well as cooking you fish for your dinner if you would like that.

Some charter companies have the capacity to bring you and your catch to a near by night spot to have your fish prepared by a professional chef. The meal consists of your fish prepared any way you choose, sides, drinks and dessert. There is a charge for this service but it is minimal for the meal you receive.

If you enjoy snorkeling you can split your day between that and catching fish. Most boats will provide gear for both activities if they are advised in advance of your wishes. The crew is also available to show you how to safely snorkel in the shallow waters near the coast. These activities require advance notice because they will affect how far out you can be taken to fish.

To fish for marlin or sailfish you should schedule your visit for the months between early spring to mid-summer when they are running. This is also the best time of year for dolphin fishing as well as tuna. Other times of the year will provide you with grouper, shark, wahoo, trigger fish, tarpon and many other bone fish. The wide variety of fish found here is the direct result of the ocean currents found here.

Charter companies in this Mayan Empire paradise have a common goal of making your experience enjoyable enough that you will want to return and use their service again. To this end they have a reputation of going out of their way to make sure that the client is provided with everything necessary to make the trip memorable for all aboard the boat.

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