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Stick With Your Michigan Fishing Guide To Keep Things Legal

By Essie Osborn

Large mouth as well as small mouth bass can be caught and released from 26 April to 23 May. All lakes have different dates for the fish catching season. Always be sure to check with your Michigan fishing guide before, otherwise you stand a chance of getting a fine.

All pricing and structure for licenses, as from March 1, 2014 have been changed. The new process is easier and quicker as well as being an "all species", so restrictions are no longer applicable. If one is interested in both going out to fish and hunting, licences with a small surcharge will be added. Any revenue that is made will be used towards educating the public of the pros and cons of angling and hunting.

Fishing on designated ice skating areas is strongly prohibited. Winter catches can include bluegill, yellow perch, and sometimes northern pike. When the ice becomes unsafe, which is usually by the beginning of March all shanties are to be taken down.

Twice a year the State of Michigan gives the public two free days of fishing. All licences are waived for that period. This includes both the Great Lakes as well as the Inland Waters.

The Retriever reel is generally used for bigger animals, alligators, and sharks. This has a bottle which holds the line in the correct place. When shot the line will keep going until it runs out or when the person pushes a stopping device which will prevent the fish from going too far out.

If you are a novice and are unfamiliar with the different species, here is a quick guide. The Lake Trout has a well forked tail with black spots on its back. A Brook Trout has a slightly forked tail with wormy marks on the back as well as having black and white on the edges of the fins.

The Rainbow Trout or Steelhead has a white mouth with 10 - 12 analfin rays and has a spotted tail. The Brown Trout's tail is square in shape with an unusual colour of yellow for its abdomen. Its body is similar to a box and its upper jaw extends behind it eye.

Aiming is very difficult as the refraction of the water distorts where the target might be. If one is to aim at the target itself it will most probably be a miss. Many tend to aim well below so as to compensate. There is a saying that goes "when in doubt, aim low, then aim lower". The most common salt water fish is the southern stingray, barracuda and bull shark to name just a few. Whatever your preference is, always follow the fishing guides, these are there to ensure that rules and regulations are followed.

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