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Visit A Friday Harbor Bed And Breakfast

By Essie Osborn

Think about combining small town peace and quiet with unspoiled views of water, sky, mountains, and wildlife. If you want to get away from it all but still enjoy all the creature comforts a vacation should afford, it might be time to consider a stay at a Friday Harbor Bed and Breakfast. You'll find a whole list of places to stay in the resort town that's also the San Juan Island county seat.

This island became important as a salmon cannery. Later, island residents raised vegetables and fruit for export to the mainland. Today the economy depends largely on tourism. This island chain is one of the most scenic parts of Washington state. Friday Harbor is the capital of San Juan county and its major commercial center.

The population of permanent residents is between two and three thousand people. The small town is surrounded by water, by mountains both on the islands and on the mainland, and by an immensity of sky. The pace is slow; visitors are encouraged to take a deep breath and relax into the peace, quiet, and serenity found here.

You can get to San Juan by regular commercial flights, seaplane, ferry, or private boat. There is taxi service for those who arrive without a car. Getting around is easily done on foot; the town is only about two mile square. You can also rent bicycles and mopeds for exploring on land or a kayak for the water. Reservations are always a good idea for overnight stays and essential in the summer.

There are many kinds of Bed and Breakfast establishments, too. Some are very private; one has only one guest room suite. Others have up to seven, while some hotel chains offer the authentic B&B experience in their rooms. They promise privacy, luxurious bedrooms, charming gardens to stroll in, and gourmet breakfast buffets.

Some inns have as many as seven guest suites. There are charming Victorian manses and more contemporary houses with modern decor but all the comforts. It's fun to go online and check out the photo galleries that let you see for yourself what each establishment has to offer, like private balconies or kitchenettes. You can have your own private retreat or enter into the home life of your hosts by sharing their living room and patio.

One couple provides surprisingly spacious rooms on their boat. This is fun to see, even if you're not planning a trip to this island resort in the immediate future. The cabins are inviting, and the upper deck looks perfect for relaxing and watching boats come and go in the marina.

This is a laid-back destination with lots to do. There are shops, an open-air market, galleries, restaurants, museums, and parks. You can stroll along the beaches and look for flotsam or for whales. There are bus tours, ferry trips, whale watching boats, and bird watching hikes. Wildlife includes deer, two species of whales, Trumpeter Swans, eagles, seals, rabbits, and raccoons. You can rent a bike or a kayak, hike up a mountain, take a moped ride around the island, or book a scenic plane toup.

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