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Enjoy A Backpacking Experience Around China

By Jonny Blair

When you are looking for an adventure that will allow you to explore, you should think about backpacking. You get the benefits of exercise while enjoying the natural beauty and breath-taking scenery on your daily travels. The Yunnan Province in China is a favorite destination for those individuals seeking the experience of a life-time.

When you are planning your trip, take time to browse the maps and information available on the internet about Yunnan Provence. Many of the maps are free to download allowing you to study them at your leisure and plan your route. Alternatively, if you prefer to stick to a tried and tested route, there are free set trip itineraries you can download and use.

Public transport around the region is available on a fairly limited timetable. The buses in places such as Luoping are available but do not appear to operate to a specific timetable. Tourists can usually find vans for hire, bikes and even horses to get around for when they get tired of walking.

During the tourist season especially you may find that you need to reserve your accommodation along your route to avoid disappointment. You will find the accommodation is generally clean and comfortable but basic. Prices are very reasonable and most offer guests the use of their internet access for emails. Staff can provide visitors with a wealth of local history information on places to visit in the area.

You will have the opportunity to sample many of the local speciality dishes which come highly recommended by many travellers. You should sample the menus in your hotel or guest house, or ask staff for recommendations and directions to the best local restaurants. Visitors to the area are advised to use bottled water as opposed to local water supplies.

If you require medical services during your travels you will be able to access them in most areas. The costs for medical treatments are likely to be cheaper than they would be in your home country. However, some types of medication may not be readily available and it is important to take enough supplies to last for the duration of your trip.

Trekking through the Yunnan Province does mean you will have to cross a range of different terrains. You will require to be physically fit to get the most out of your trip. If you are well equipped and plan in enough rest stops, you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience of a life-time.

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