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The Requirements For An Aviation Project Manager Position

By Essie Osborn

Air travel serviceman is charged with scheduling of flight plans, general maintenance and repair of an aircraft and general administration of the flight staff assigned to him. For one to qualify for such a position, he or she must understand the technical and general part and operation of an aircraft. This plays as an important requirement for the aviation project manager job.

There are certain requirements that each individual who wants to work under this position must meet in order to qualify. Far from the obvious high school knowledge or certificate, an individual needs to further in his or her career as far as this job is concerned. In normal situations, servicemen get certification by sitting for examinations as well as going through flight tests. Most countries have similar certifications which must be checked by the national flights authority.

Flight serviceman position in most cases starts with the candidate attaining an increasing ascension to different posts in various departments in the flight industry. There is an airport authority that marks the progress of individuals eying such positions. Most countries start by asking for a bachelor degree in flight service or a closely related field as a common requirement.

Specializing in airport administration, flight administration, business flight finance and other related fields can land one in such a position. One is required to produce other credentials, such as certified member of the flight body in that country. One may also get accredited as an airport executive hence increases chances of landing in such a position. At least, a four year experience is required.

There are other requirements like skills and knowledge. You must have knowledge on federal flight regulations and safety measures and required by the transport authority. They base on other issues related to security and safety of people and goods, budgeting and finance administration and good communication skills. Computer skills are a requirement too.

Regular submission of finger prints is vital. This has to come from both passengers and staff in the aviation industry as well as conducting background checks of this staff. Internships are vital since one can acquire hands on skills from the field. It has to be done in a small municipal airstrip hence giving the candidates a chance to break into the industry. Credentials come from, passing of these examinations, experience and getting the related formal education.

There are various pros that come with the career. One has a potential of earning a high salary. One can think up of materials that promote air travel safety hence assist in others. One can also recommend on the various changes that can be made to various regulations and legislation as well as adjust the budget plans.

The cons of being a flight serviceman are that the industry experiences a low employment rate as compared to other industries. Regular travel commitment need to be made and arranged hence interrupting family ties in most cases. One also needs to put up with the noisy environment that is in the airports and airstrips. In order to climb up the administration ladder, one needs to have years of experience in order for one to achieve certain positions in the industry.

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