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The Growing Popularity Of Haida Gwaii Tours

By Essie Osborn

Everyone would love to have a good vacation or holiday retreat one way or another. For those of us who are getting tired of the usual regular places there is something that is quite interesting found in an archipelago near British Columbia. Quite a few have discovered this place already and yet more are now booking Haida Gwaii tours for their next travel plans and holiday getaways.

Originally called the Queen Charlotte islands, the archipelago has quite temperate weather. Not so hot summers and not so freezing winters. It is a great place for outdoor activities and the like. The locals, the Haida, are very friendly too. The name of the island actually means island of the Haida.

The Haida also occupy quite a bit of Alaska, so if you have been to Alaska and seen the crafts and trade there you will find similarities. Totem poles are also very much similar and found on the archipelago as a testament to the past and also as a record of the families that own them. Likewise the bent wood technique used in making furniture and the like is widely used here.

If one wants a cultural immersion and historical experience, there are plenty of workshops, art stores and a museum to be found. It is suggested that one who wants the total cultural experience that he or she devote at least four days so that he or she can make a thorough round of all the communities and what they have to offer.

Hikers will find the islands a good place to walk and explore. They should however be prepared to do a bit of kayaking as it may call for short jaunts over water. Several local guides can assist you with packages designed just for hikers for a great hiking experience.

Those who want to see whales up close could not have picked a better location to do so. This area is world renowned for close up viewing of gray whales, killer whales and humpbacks. You can avail of the many tour packages dedicated to this kind of adventure once you get on the islands.

The less physically endowed can still enjoy also however. There are plenty of areas for less strenuous activities like camping, fishing or just plain chilling out and enjoying nature. Thus one need not feel left out even if one does not want to do physically demanding activities.

Plenty of accommodations can be had by way of motels, inns, lodges and bed and breakfasts. There is also a park for recreational vehicles one can avail of. However, one must be mindful that summer is peak season and rates can go up. Thus you should plan and time your trip accordingly to avoid the hustle and bustle and likewise avoid the high prices.

Being only two hours by plane from Vancouver, and about seven hours by sea or boat, this destination cannot be beat due to proximity. Near enough for one to travel but far enough to be isolated, this is one holiday destination that is getting popular and would be hard to beat.

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