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Facts Regarding Hay And Straw Suppliers

By Elsa Noel

The world of agriculture and farm work are slowly being given up on by most people as they prefer the corporate jobs in the city. During these past years, men have been flocking to the big cities and deserting small towns in the pursuit of dreams. Many now prefer to be stuck inside a cool, air conditioned room wearing formal clothing over being bare and topless in the sun doing different kinds of farm work.

People belonging to the newer generation are inconveniently forgetting about the importance of agricultural work. If everyone went to work in offices and no one continues to work plants, humans will soon run out of fresh food that will provide nutrition for their body. Aside from humans, animals will also be affected with this pressing scarcity of agricultural products, especially as quite a number of them are dependent on hay and straw suppliers Plainview for food.

Many people, especially those who never grew up on farms nor visited agricultural communities like the adorable ones found in the charming city of Plainview, MN, have difficulties adjusting to farm life especially when they decide to get away as far as possible from the urban setting for a reflective hiatus. Farm people often become fascinated at the number of things they do not know about growing crops and taking care of animals, much less distinguish between hay and straw.

Those who have grown in farms, however, are quick to point out that straw is not eaten, but hay is. Hay is specially grown to be used as animal fodder. It is used to feed farm animals like horses, goats, and cattle in the absences of a fresh supply of grass. They are rolled into bales ready for storage after method cutting and drying.

Aside from these four legged grazers, hay is also enjoyed by other animals. They are even fed to pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Even farm bred pigs are know to eat them, only these animals are not able to digest them as efficiently as the natural herbivores.

There are actually so many varied types of hay. Each type is dependent on the type of plant that is being used extensively. Each type even has its own nutritional values, and can be fed to different animal groups according to their needs. They are also harvested at different stages of growth, from early maturity to seed production.

Straw, on the other hand, is not eaten. It is actually a by product of other grains and similar crops. They are often composed of the stalks tat wheat, barley, and oats all left behind during harvest season. They are what is left over after the grain and the chaff has been removed. They also make up about half of the yield of popular cereal crops.

They are utilized instead for a wide variety of things. They are common bedding for livestock, placed on the floors of barns to keep animals warm and comfortable somewhat. They can even be used as fuel. Straw is actually a very inexpensive source of energy that is carbon neutral.

They are even woven into baskets. Both hay and straw are rolled into bales. Suppliers often deliver them straight to addresses given by in call customers.

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